To buy or not to Buy.

Ok so heres the gig. I really want to buy one of the new hatricks coming out. My mom doesn’t want me to. I’m sure lots of people have this problem. This would be my first expensive yoyo. The most expensive thing I baught otherwise is a DM. I’m moving into more advanced tricks so I could make good use of it. She thinks spending this much on a yoyo is crazy (I’m asuming they’re $99). She says I might not be into yoing that long, even though she sees me doing it all the time. What can I do to convince her. ???

Save up and use your own money. If you really want it then do something to show you deserve it. Start something like a club and show you are in to stay. Maybe show her some of the other expensive yoyos (fhz mg?). Tell her that a yo-yo will last longer than a video game and it’s like buying 2 new video games now-a-days lol. Just be smart about it and understand there will always be the b/s/t.

Tell her even if you stop for a while

IMO to many newbs are getting Expensive yoyos, I can’t tell you, No you can’t get because your not good enough, but a Hatrick would not Make you Any Better than your Dark Magic will, I would save your money, because in like a Month another cool yoyo will come out and you will want but you can’t get it because you bought a Hatrick, I would be a protostar then save up for a Fundemetal as your first metal not a Hatrick.

Then again, posts like this are often spawned out of jealousy. If you want it, and you can get it, I say go for it.

Samad=Evil General Yo minion.
Let’s get this straight people

That previous post really had nothing to do with General-Yo, but it was simply stating that people who think others shouldn’t get yoyos because of their “skill” are usually speaking in terms of jealousy.

I know. Just giving you heat man.
By the way samad. Prouda you! lol

I have a Hatrick, nut I mean new yoyoers really shouldn’t be getting 100 dollar metals, they might not stay with throwing for very long I’m not saying he won’t but that yoyo could be better of with a More expierienced and some who will continue to throw for longer than lets say a year. I am in no postion to tell him what to buy but, thats what I think. (BTW Samad wouldn’t you want Generalyo sells to be up?)

He isn’t really asking anything if it’s right for him. He wants help getting his mom to let him get one. So unless you have someway to help him with that, these posts are irrelevant to the thread.

I think General Yo probably already got their money for the HATricks and now One Drop is selling them. Technically Samad doesnt have to be a sell up.

Buy the hatrick if you want, but think twice before doing it, I got a 115 dollar g5 and I didn´t like it because its too heavy so its been getting dust on my case and my main yoyo is a speeder because I like fast and light without being too light, be shure to get the right yoyo for you if your going to spend on a 100 dollar yoyo.

Try different yoyos and if you buy it enjoy it .

And about your issue with your mom show her videos with pro people using the yoyo, she might think that its worth it.

If you can tell this and your mom wont get kind of upset tell her this: Havent you ever bought something that that you always wanted is “unesesary” .

All your comments are appreciated and duly noted. Just to let you know I am spending my own money on it. Plus I have thought about getting a FundeMetal. But I tend to favor undersized yo’s. And from feedback it seems like the hatrick is a really good one. I know it’s possible that I may not like it but that’s a possibility with any yoyo. And i’ve tried the video game comparison a few times even before you mentioned it. But it’s seems to only work with yoyo’s under fifty. I’ve considerd getting a boss also. But I think the real problem is she thinks it’s just a phase for me. She thinks one day i’ll be into it and the next I won’t. What I really need to do is convince her it’s not I just don’t know how to do that.
One more thing. Isn’t the new Hatrick going to be limited. If it’s not a will probably wait. My only concern is if it is limited will i ever be able to get one.

No yo makes you better. I know that.

Hatricks sell out fast, thats a fact!
Anyways, if its your money, tell her that its your money and yo-yo’n is something you really care about and have fun doing. It may not be worth it to her, but it is worth it to you because you yoyo so much.
Btw the people saying you’re not good enough or what ever, its not true at all, dont go by that.

This is a one time shot, and probably wont work again if you do get the hattrick but tell her that it is a better yoyo, will make you better, and that you can always sell it. It’s an investment. Instead of storing money in the bank, you are storing it in yoyos.

Before you all start saying “its not the yoyo its the player”, I know but the hattrick is a better yoyo. Arm grinds, thumb grinds, smoothness, it all is superior. It does not mean that you will automatically like it, but your mom doesn’t need to know that anyways. ;D

my mom is just the same for stuff like that. What does she like to do tell her its like people being into music a guitar to a musician is a yoyo to a yoyoer and besides in the future you can always sell it

You can not be good enough for a yoyo, So what i get from that is that a First Time thrower could get a Expensive metal and bind it first try, I Highly Doubt it. And Fundemetals are small and The Tactic is Small and Round.

I can bind fine.
I’ve talked to my mom about selling it if i didn’t like. That’s usually were she just goes like well I don’t know. My dad thinks that if I got a night moves five that’d at least be an investmant (the gold). But I’m talking to her about the fact that I could sell it, and it might be able to get her to let me. Plus, samad, I want general yo sales to be up to, maybe they’d make more yoyos lol.

From an investment/resale standpoint, you will be able to sell the Hatrick far easier than a Night Moves. A large number of people want a Hatrick and there aren’t enough to go around. Most people aren’t dying to get a Night Moves. The Gold on the Yoyo is purely plating, so it’s not going to be worth anything anyway. Melt down the gold and it’s probably equivalant to 1/10 gram at most which is like a couple pin drops of liquid.