Noobs who just buy yoyos..

Here is a random rant I have:

Ok, so I have been yoyoing for a year now and have a collection of maybe 15 yoyos I know a kid who I am sort of friends with who had just recently gotten into yoyoing. I let him throw one of my less valuable yoyos, which was a Magic N11. He started to work on his bind. By the next day he was binding maybe 40% of the time, so he was an extreme beginner. He asked what yoyo he should buy and I told him a few of my top picks for beginners (One, Onestar, Protostar, Velocity, etc.) I also told him about Yoyoexpert. Later that day he went on yoyo expert and looked around. The next morning he texted me. After reading his text I was just really annoyed. He said: Hey dude! I just went on yoyoexpert and got myself a Summit, Too hot, dogma, horizon, protostar, puffin 2, w-shape benchmark and shutter.

This was just sad. Keep in mind that He lives two hours away from me to its not like I could really use any of his yoyos often. (We meet up like once every two weeks). I was just really pissed… Has this happened to anyone else?


Sounds to me like you’re jealous


Whatever floats his boat I guess. When I got into yoyoing, I marveled the expensive throws but because of my skill level, I couldn’t justify putting out the cost. Several years later, I have quite a well rounded growing collection of throws.

I just hope (for his sake) that he is careful with those expensive yoyos!

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Seen this and there is nothing you can do but appreciate your own throws and see if this kid advances more with a lot of new throws. I only have two yoyos I use right now and don’t plan on getting many more soon.

It isn’t uncommon to see people get exuberant about any new hobby, and in doing so spend a tonne of cash up front. I have seen it with music, skiing, and pretty much any hobby. I suppose there is probably some perception that having the best tools available means you can progress more quickly (i.e. the better tools make you better). There is some small amount of truth to that I suppose, because in most hobbies you get what you pay for. Unfortunately I have seen just as many get frustrated and give up and those that persevere and take advantage of the higher quality.

Look on the bright side…if he gives up you will probably be able to pick up some quality throws for a good price :smiley:

It’s my nickel and I’ll spend it however I want…

A bigger gripe for me is when a new guy comes along, an obvious beginner, asking what to buy and 20 people chime in to recommend some $150-$200 high end, flavor of the month yoyo. I’ve seen this for the last 10 or so years. Of course at that time the high end price was more in the $75-$100 range.


So… Would you feel a lot better if he lived next door to you? So you could borrow his yoyos every day?

I will give you A ‘Fair Warning’. You are moving towards a horrible future if you are gonna get upset when people within your sphere of movement buy things that you cannot afford.

I mean it doesn’t even sound like you want to hang out with him every 2 weeks. It sounds more like you want to hang out with his yoyos.

Curious> how are you going to feel if the next time he comes into town to hang with you and he ‘travels light’ and only brings one yoyo?

Will you still have fun hanging out and yoing? Or will you just pout for 2 hours because he only brought his friendship and not his new yoyos?


What everyone said its his money why should annoy or bother you?

Also another point what if someone’s username is everyone. So it would be everyone gave a thank you lol.

Connorspears, this is your fault. It’s your fault he got turned on to yo-yoing. It’s your fault he went to look for yoyos and saw so many incredible must haves. That makes it your fault he spent so much money on so many yoyos. It’s your fault he’s going to have so much fun. You perpetuated this circumstance.

So relax and enjoy it. More people should do such good in this world.

Nice job.

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Just keep reminding yourself how many kids YOU are upsetting with your 15 yoyo’s because they only have one or two to play with. If you like, I could send you pictures of my collection and then you would only be mad at me! ;D

All of you guys are misunderstanding my rant… Those high end metal yoyo said are not good to learn with and he should have listened and gotten a One or something. I feel sorry for him because not only could it slow down the learning process, but he may sing or damage those yoyos.

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I’m jealous ;D

so your worried he’s going to damage his own property? If I were you I would just support him in his hobby and help him get better with his new expensive throws. Besides the point a shutter is pretty good to learn on. Just makes sure he uses his shutter than some of his other more expensive throws.

I bet “noob fever” accounts for a pretty sizable percentage of the yoyo industry’s revenue. Guys like him (and a lot of us when we were enthusiastic beginners) put food on the table of the folks who’s work we all appreciate.

Getting jealous of material possessions your friend has can be a dangerous thing. You gotta just let it go.


At the end of the day, it is a great thing to support the manufacturers, especially the smaller ones that do stuff more or less in-house. Yeah it is probably not a great idea to start off on an expensive throw like the Puffin since mishaps are going to happen, but his money his choice :slight_smile:

I have to agree with the comments above. You will always see people spend money on things that you might like too, and even things that you think you could make better use of than they can. You might be right too. But, when you get my age, you realize that focusing on what the Joneses have is just a waste of time.

Think of this possible scenario.

You haven’t even seen the kid with the yo-yos, so he could be lying. I don’t know many kids who get that kind of lot ($500 worth of toys), even on their birthday. Don’t believe everything you hear or read in a text message. I’m well into adulthood, and adults lie about what they have all the time too. :smiley: They lie even bigger though. If someone seems to have more than you have, just be happy for them, and focus on you.

You should ask that kid if he wants to join the Throw Rich Alliance. I’ll waive the membership fee just on the fictitious content of the text message. He’s dreaming big. I have to give him some props if it’s true. I started out with a case of Ones and Pocket Changes myself. And, I still have them too, cause I love me some budget throws. Buy cheap ones, expensive ones, responsive, unresponsive, plastic, metal, buy 'em all. Throw Rich! :wink:

Theres no need to be jelous. Its his money he can spend however he wants.

Wow, you’ve been playing yoyo almost a whole year? Yeah, you’re definitely an old timer. Obviously more deserving than the noob.


you guys missed part of his point… he said he was worried the guy would ruin them…

there is a way to address this part…

these are toys not some kind of relic given to us by the gods… well maybe… there are some that get close.

anyway they are meant to be played with and loved and if he dings them up he will learn not to spend so much money till he gets better… enjoy the throws he has by showing him how to throw using his yoyos… this way he learns how to take care of them and also you get to throw them… a win win situation…

there didnt need to be this much heat on this thread but there was…