I have to quit yoyoing.

I am in a bad mood right now, i am being forced to quit yoyoing, not even be on the forums anymore for a looooooooooooong time. (like, 3, 4, 5, months) so i decided to make my B-day list now, so i was making it, (putting down yoyos of course) and she said that she has no intentions of buying me yoyos.
So I’m not getting any yoyos for my B-day, and Christmas. Instead of buying me the most important thing in my life, she said she’s going to do something for me. (no presents at all) and I can’t have a party with friends, so I’m not getting any money/presents from my friends, so life sucks.
this will be my last post for a few months, so bye bye miss American pie.

Why do you have to quit yoyoing?

Ouch.My mom told me she wouldnt buy any yoyos.So i buy them all myself and now that she sees that i spend most my time yoyoing she says she will start buying some for me.She just didnt want to but me an 80 dollar yo if i was going to use it for a couple weeks and them stop.If your in the same boat im in then Just keep using the yos you have and prove to her tha you love yoing.And hey mabey shes just playing a joke on you or something.You never know (;

I don’t get what youre saying. Can’r you continue yoyoing with the yoyos you already have? You don’t have to get new ones every other week. I’ve been yoyoing for 3 1/2 years and I only have 5 good yoyos.

I’m really sorry to hear that :’(. Who knows, maybe what your mom will do will have something to do with yoyos’

So your mad because you are not getting any money or presents from your parents or friends?

dude dont go there

Get a job! why is it your parents and your friends responsibilities to fund your yoyoing? My dad bought me a butterfly and that was the end of that

Yeah, my mom will buy me a skeeter, max.

The only thing you have to do is pay taxes and die.

Okay I’m sorry but you are talking like such a freaking winey spoiled little brat. There’s these things kids get nowadays called jobs so maybe go and get one. And I am soory but if there are any kids here that just yoyo after yoyo from their parents then they are spoiled. save some money, get a job and buy your own yoyo’s.

I agree wth you 75%. When you are a kid 14-15 as myself it is almost impossible to get a job. I have been looking around for a job and nobody hires. Pathmark wouldnt let me be a box boy because you have to use a box cutter. I couldnt get a paper route because now they have people in truck beds throwing it to the lawn. Not at the pool store, Wendys or mcdonalds. you have to be 17 to work the cashier and they didnt hire me as a bus boy in like 3 resturantes because they have older people doing theese jobs. I tried cutting grass but in my town everybody has landscapers. It’s not as easy as it was in the good ol’ days for a kid to get money let alone a job. With this economy it makes it even harder. But I do agree with you about saving and not making your parents buy everything. I do get yoyo’s from family members on christmas and i got a fhz on my b-day and thats not a bad thing. If he is quitting and acting EXTREMELY immature about his mom not getting him a yoyo then that is just embarrising.

Just my $00.02

I work for my grandparents. They pay REALLY well.

I also help my dad work in an apartment building, and I get these points that I can trade in for things instead of using my own money(1 point= ~$2). The only yoyos I have that i didn’t work for was Maverick (Christmas) and Dark Magic.(Birthday.) :slight_smile:

my parents would kill me if i asked them for a yoyo i buy ALL OF MY YOYOS

I don’t have a job, but get an allowance every week. I also am a substitute for a paper boy. I paid for the majority of my yoyos, minus my DM and Lunatic which were for my birthday and christmas. :slight_smile: Occasionally, my dad will pay for shipping and/or tax.

Back on topic, why can’t you yoyo? Anyways, you will be severely missed. :frowning:

i think hes saying that his mom is forcing him to stop throwing and not buying him yoyos

well if that is the case, that sucks, but you could show her by earning your own money by yoyoing. that is what i do. i live in LA, a city with tons of buisy street corners and out of towners. i earned $5 in 10 min. that is roughly $30/hour. but usually you have to move locations every so often.

but this will show your mom that you can make money yourself, that yoyos help you earn money, and that money will get you yoyos. i bought my ministar with money i purely got like this.

yo u panhandle … hahaha thats awesome i want to try that sometime. How is it. and what do u put down infront of you?

Make sure to check the laws in your city before doing anything. I know in a lot of cities you have to have a permit to do any kind of “street performance”.

Why is everyone waning to quit lately? It’s really annoying actually. Just because you cant get any more throws doesn’t mean you have to stop throwing, or coming on here…