How do you pay for your yoyo's?

SO I was wondering how do you guys pay for your yoyo’s? I mean money obviously but like I see all these 12-14 year old kids that have tons of yoyos and I as a working person cant get everynew release.


I as a working person can and some kids parents just like to buy them things or if they get good grades or something like that

I wish I could get all the new yoyos but I am only 15 and my parents don’t spend all their money on me which is a good thing. But I just save money from mowing the lawn but I only have two yoyos…

me too, a dm and an axiom (both are yyj lol)

i think most kids work for new yoyos

i do

If some dad is running around with a fatt wallet of course a yoyoing kid is going to burn some holes in it and get a plethora of new yoyos every month. If your dad doesn’t have a fat wallet, work for it. Where’s the American “You won’t get anything if you don’t work for it” spirit. I have an excuse because we actually have living socialist politicians in Norway.

You can buy prepaid VISA cards at some stores. These cards have a set amount of money. You can use them online and they work fine. I ordered from YYE with one.

I do odd jobs for saving up for yoyos. Money isn’t easy to come by without a regular job, but I would assume that most people get money for yoyos through birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc.
That’s where I get most of my money!

I yoyo at the mall for my yoyo’s.
Best job ever. ;D

well i use birthday money , lunch money , and I’m 14 but just recently got my 1st job!!! I will start working as a studio designer… I take wedding photos put them in photo shop and create an album. an album takes about an hour to design and i get paid per album. But then i have to make changes at the brides request -_-. for a 14 yr old i think that’s pretty good…

yo that is awesome at a young age to be able to do that. my major is graphic design, i LOVE it. me personally, my parents help me out because they know how passionate i am about my hobby (throwing). now in life I’ve had people say “you don’t know how to do anything your parents do ___ for you” “your rich” “your spoiled”. It’s all wrong. I worked 3 jobs. 1 retail $7.15 an hr for a summer and 2 at a restaurant/bar. bus boy/bar back only tips. now i am beyond greatful for everything they have done. i spelled that wrong on purpose if anyone gets it (likes greatful dead). I’m making string and and starting my website once I fix my computer that me and one of my best friends built together (he throws too [learning soooo fast], and I will let you guys know through signature/PM). It’s almost a factory, a lot of money went into it, mine. I don’t like the whole “you’re spoiled bit”. It just sounds like robbin hood. I would be proud to say one day soon (hopefully) that I will be paying my throws through my own string once I get it perfect and ready to distribute. I’m close. ;D Good day!

Wow. I love working with photoshop and my uncle is amazing too! He actualy bought me my first trick yoyo The Dark Magic for christmas 2 years ago and a dingo last year. he taught me everything i know about photoshop and has let me do little jobs for him in the past to. but i got back from florida yesterday and he asked if i wanted to work for him and i was realy happy. What do you design? can i see some of your work? if you want to see this is my uncles website he made the site but i helped a bit with my criticism =). haha.

Haha Im gonna jack my own thread but do you guys use any video editing software? And BTW Both of you have awesome jobs! I love doing small editing and such you guys must enjoy your jobs alot.

that website is awesome

i save my money, xmas, b day, and every once in a while when my mom or dad buys them for me because i am a triplet and my bros play spots an yoyoing is my sport so they pay for some of it like they do for my bros

I work for my stuff easy as that.

Ya it is an awesome job. And for the video software i use Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro 9. And if you realy want i used pinnacle studio that i got with my capture card and it works pretty good. Pinnacle studio is a software that is very basic and Sony Vegas 9 pro is more in depth and After Effects is Professional. Hope i helped

I pay my yoyos with the money my aunts and uncles give me.

I wish I had one of those jobs, were I live there are very few jobs that kids can do, if there are any jobs probably the kids that do the job get hired because of nepotism.

Same here. I got my working papers this year but nobody hires 14 yr olds… to work at Path Mark as a box boy you need to be 16 because you use a box cutter to open the boxes -_-. Only 1 other friend of mine has a job and thats as a bus boy at a local restaurant.

well my grandma give me money. and i know an achohalic who gives me all his cans and i return them for money. i am working for a catoring company this summer and get paied desent money