Most effort to get a yoyo.

What si the most effort you put into soemthing to get a yoyo or get cash to buy one? Atm I just have to mow the lawn and help my mom at our resturant.

Not very much…I already had money from holidays and stuff.

I built a 100 foot retaning wall and 150 feet of fence. I had enough left over from bills to but my EKG and get an Anti yo Busness

I had to sell chocolate for a fundraiser for a skyline

I’ve spent just as much on customs and sjipping as I have on yoyos.

i have a job so i usually use some of what i get payed to buy yoyos and stuff.

same here but i get 20 dollars for mowing the yard so it sometimes takes a while

I get about

I get about 15 bucks for 1 hour of work. Depending on my employer, but mostly my mother.

i have an untapped fountain of money from holidays with no hobby to spend it on…until now

For me, it was trying to get my Dad to agree and let me trade, he didn’t like the idea of shipping off a YoYo into the mail and hoping I get one in return.

Oh, I had to clean the garage and found a dead squirrel family… :-\ :-\

I get paid $5 a week, and I’m gonna to use that money to buy a Fool’s Gold Peak at BAC ;D

I made 167 videos on for my Radian Super Light.

Worth every moment.

May I ask what you get paid for?

Sleeping, Pooping, Eating, going online, School, Being a Losert, the usual.


How does that help?

I saved $200. When I go on week-long campouts, I just “bear” the food they have there. I resist buying any sodas, cookies, chips… you get it. AND THEN I’M RICH!!! ;D