how do you raise money for your yoyos and gear

how do you get your money for your stuff

Work mainly.

Selling chocolate, lemonade, and other stuff.

Sell other yoyos, get a job.

allowances and parents.

Happy Throwing! =]

I deliver flyers for a lady and she pays me $50. Takes me 3 hours.

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during school times my mom gives me 2 or 3 dollars every day and i save those up and on vacation i just ask my parents to buy it for me or ask my sis for a loan

Report card money and washing the car.

Save money of course! :wink:

Save money of course! :wink:

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Happy Throwing! =]

Chill. It was obviously an accident.

I don’t really do much for money…


Mow my house, my negibors house, and watter my house. Oh, and take out the trash cans. I get 5 bucks per lawn. So I get 5 for my front lawn, 5 for my back lawn, 5 for my neigbors front lawn, 5 for his back lawn, and I get 5 every 2 weeks for watering the lawn and taking out the trash cans. I mow my negbors lawn every week, and mine 1 to 2 times every 2 weeks. So the most I can make in a week for mowing lawns, taking out the trash cans and watering the lawn is 25 bucks! It is hard work but man it is so worth it! Sometimes I make a lemonade stand and make about 20 through 30 bucks. And also my bday and Christmas! There is a lot of ways to make money! :wink:

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Hmmm…well i get $20 for mowin the lawn…if i help my mom clean tables at our resturant i get 1/4 of her tip…also I have rich relatives and my mom has LOTS of friends :D. I got $100 form BOTH grandmas…$25 from my mom’s assistant…$50 from my aunt…$50 from my grandpa…$100 from my great grandpa…and todays my B-day so more money from friends :smiley:

i steal from my parents ;D just kidding. Usually i save or run errands for my parents and relatives :smiley:

I work, i do security for ADT, youve prolly seen our signs. I only have two misquitos, two duncan imperials, and a dark magic though… Im gonna get a fundaMETAL soon.

You have to work for money…

I get money for my trips and stuff, and I just don’t use it and keep it for other stuff… I think this counts as an allowance, except I get it for trips, depending on the length of the trip and how I use it… (Food, gifts, items…)

If you want, you could do a show… but you have to get a permit over here, so I nixed it. :stuck_out_tongue: