how do you raise money for your yoyos and gear

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how do you get your money for your stuff


Work mainly.


Selling chocolate, lemonade, and other stuff.


Sell other yoyos, get a job.


allowances and parents.

Happy Throwing! =]


I deliver flyers for a lady and she pays me $50. Takes me 3 hours.


during school times my mom gives me 2 or 3 dollars every day and i save those up and on vacation i just ask my parents to buy it for me or ask my sis for a loan

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Report card money and washing the car.


Save money of course! :wink:


Save money of course! :wink:


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Happy Throwing! =]


Chill. It was obviously an accident.

I don’t really do much for money…

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Mow my house, my negibors house, and watter my house. Oh, and take out the trash cans. I get 5 bucks per lawn. So I get 5 for my front lawn, 5 for my back lawn, 5 for my neigbors front lawn, 5 for his back lawn, and I get 5 every 2 weeks for watering the lawn and taking out the trash cans. I mow my negbors lawn every week, and mine 1 to 2 times every 2 weeks. So the most I can make in a week for mowing lawns, taking out the trash cans and watering the lawn is 25 bucks! It is hard work but man it is so worth it! Sometimes I make a lemonade stand and make about 20 through 30 bucks. And also my bday and Christmas! There is a lot of ways to make money! :wink:

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Hmmm…well i get $20 for mowin the lawn…if i help my mom clean tables at our resturant i get 1/4 of her tip…also I have rich relatives and my mom has LOTS of friends :D. I got $100 form BOTH grandmas…$25 from my mom’s assistant…$50 from my aunt…$50 from my grandpa…$100 from my great grandpa…and todays my B-day so more money from friends :smiley:

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i steal from my parents ;D just kidding. Usually i save or run errands for my parents and relatives :smiley:


I work, i do security for ADT, youve prolly seen our signs. I only have two misquitos, two duncan imperials, and a dark magic though… Im gonna get a fundaMETAL soon.

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You have to work for money…


I get money for my trips and stuff, and I just don’t use it and keep it for other stuff… I think this counts as an allowance, except I get it for trips, depending on the length of the trip and how I use it… (Food, gifts, items…)

If you want, you could do a show… but you have to get a permit over here, so I nixed it. :stuck_out_tongue: