no money for a new throw

I’m really getting tired of my DM 2 but have little to no income, do to not having a job(I’m 14). I know Christmas is close but I really want one before; plus this Christmas might not be extravagant with the gift giving/getting. So to sum it up I want money and would like ideas of things I could do to earn it. I sell duct tape wallets at a store in Berlin MD but don’t sell to many :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm… Sell yoyo string?

I know not how to make it nor do I know what thread is ‘the right kind’ :-[ :frowning:

Stand on the street with a can?

make stuff and sell it. That’s how I mkae my money, just weird crafts.

Paracord wistbands

For example. I make tons of stuff.

Sell you bed and your house. Then you can buy some yoyos

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Possibly babysitting? Yeah Girly but it gets a lot of cash, and it’s easy just have video games for the kids or have a giant pillow fort and soda your set. Easy, you get 20 bucks for 4 hours real simple science. by around 4 babysitting jobs you got enough money for a decent Yoyo.

I’m baby sitting, but I don’t get paid.

Winter is quickly approaching. Borrow a shovel and start shoveling snow.


What if he is in Hawaii?

Eh I’ll try but none of this stuff has worked in the past. You need a babysitting certificate to do that, I’m not on ebay or any other online stuff and the store gets 0 income (almost), my neighborhood isn’t completely 100% neighbor friendly in the “work for money” aspect, standing on the side with a can… well I could yo-yo at OC… might need a permit :-. anyone interested in a wallet? he-he

If you look on my account it says I’m on Salisbury MD

You could do stuff for your neighbors ie: clean up after their dogs, do their yard, watch the house while they are away. I have done this for mah neighbors a couple of times and they paid generously.

Here’s an idea go to a mall place a hat down and Yoyo in front of it. see how that does that or you could try being party entertainment by yo-yoing don’t know how it would do but it’s worth a try…

Here are things I did as a kid to earn some cash:

  1. Asked parents if there were any odd jobs at home that I could do for some cash.
  2. Asked parents if their friends had any jobs I could do for cash.
  3. Let everyone, EVERYONE know that I’d work for cash.
  4. Did my friends chores for cash. (They paid me to do their chores! sheeesh)
  5. Yard work.
  6. Baby sat.
  7. Ran errands on my bike for people.
  8. Cleaned and waxed cars.
  9. Walked dogs.
  10. Always said “Thank you” whether they had work for me or not, and asked them to keep me in mind if something came up.
  11. Shoveled walks.
  12. Went out of my way to be helpful, you’d be surprised how many jobs are available once people know you are responsible.
  13. Picked rocks up out of field (farming/ranching community)
  14. Fixed bikes.
  15. Taught swimming lessons.

If you want to work you have to prove you want to work and do the job better than others would, even if the pay isn’t great. Once people know you will really do the job, work hard, be honest, and show some pride in what you do, the jobs just kind of show up. Well at least that’s how it happened for me.

Good luck!

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You must be sitting directly on the babies. I learned after a few years of baby sitting that the trick to successful baby sitting is to not sit directly on the babies.
On another note you can offer to rake leaves, it’s that time of year!


I always wondered why people wouldn’t hire me twice, i guess it’s because it doesn’t mean literaly sitting on babies

What was this about a babysiting certificate? but in that department if you get a good family and the kids like you then you got it made.