Anybody know some ways to make money?

Well my growing need for getting new yoyos has increased lately and I need ways to make money wether it involves yoyoing or online things or other things I just need money and more yoyos(:
Note: I’m only 14.

You could Babysit It pays decent.

he’s a dude.

What on earth does that have to do with anything?

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Ebay/Craigslist Sell the stuff you dont need or help sell friends stuff. Flip computers, do repairs, find deals at goodwill/thrift, go to estate auctions…

I recently make 2-300 per macbook i flip. And its fun

A few ideas:
Go to the thrift with nice clothes of yours and try to sell them to the thrift (hats and caps probably sell for the most, as well as antiques, sports memorabilia and working electronics).If it’s nice enough stuff the thrift should buy it.

Sell recyclables to your local recycle plant, if you have enough you’ll make decent money.

Rake lawns, mow lawns, busk (yoyoing, music, juggling etc).

Sell your used and done with (but nice condition throws) on eBay, amazon or the BST here.

Sell books to used bookstores. (Make sure the store will pay you with cash, not store credit).

I will write again if I think o more ways :wink:

I’m a guy and I loved babysitting other people’s kids. My own siblings, not so much.

right there my friend.

If none of the above methods work for you, try holding a store up at yoyo point. Threaten to eli hop them in the face.


either or. You can eli hop horizontally. :wink:

horizontal around the world…around the equator.

eli hops have more momentum.

I’m getting the idea that Pajama man is sexist,just a bit…

dead on…

what? as a general rule, 14 year old boys don’t like watching small children. at least, nobody that i know does.

Referee. And be serious about it. I referee soccer, and it costs a decent bit to become a registered ref (like 90$) but if you stick with it, you can make tons of money. I made over 500$ this year reffing.

Kind of a shame I spent all that plus another 400$ on yoyos.

It’s an addiction I can’t overcome.

Nor that I want to overcome it, but,

Well that got off track.

Ask your school if they have job openings. Or look on Craigslist.

That’s not a general rule. Anywhere. There’s nothing feminine about babysitting. I personally don’t enjoy doing it, but I know some people that do. Plus it’s easy money.

Perhaps. However, all 14 year old boys enjoy making money.