Anybody know some ways to make money?

yep. Pretty much everybody enjoys making money.

well i need help funding my habit but i don’t realy know how i live in richmond va so anyh jobs that i can do at my current age with no experience?!

Babysit like I said as long as you have video games to bring your fine. or bring yo-yos at my last babysitting I brought some cheesy yo-yos and taught them some stuff and they were really happy about it. And entertained by the yoyos. You don’t really need a lot of experience for it all you have to do is know how to cook on a stove and how to keep them entertained.

I completely understand my friend.

I too am a referee and my son, who is 16 and a soccer player has also learned this secret to making good money as well as staying in really good shape. Make sure that you get to know your local assignor and accept any games you can. Starting at an early age is the best way to move up the ladder. The better your grade; the better the pay.

All state soccer associations have referee classes. Some can even be done in a weekend. You just need to be 13 years old to start refereeing rec-level games.

sell yoyos

not an option

Of course it isn’t

bad idea the guy pulled a BTH out and returned my threat with a black eye and a broken nose should of though twice before robbing a store called “yo-fu”