Yo-Yo Product Idea?


I’m trying to help my friend make some yoyo money, but we have no idea what we could make and get profit. Any ideas? And please, if you don’t want us using your idea don’t post here, this is simply for inspiration and we won’t use exactly what you post (unless you give us permission).


You could get a job at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. That’s a pretty good job for making money.


This might be one of my favorite posts of all time.


You could make Yoyo string or do your chores. But if those are too subtle just do babysitting or do lawn care for people.


The US Mint ain’t that bad, either.


A job is really the best way. And you will gain much more than money in the process (experience, social ties, real world situations, etc.). But if you are young or do not care to work, working/chores for mommy and daddy can be an option. Selling your old stuff is another method as well.


You have 13 positive feedback on here, so b/s/t-ing you have a head start on. Starting a business on the other hand is tough. Lots of work.
Working at a job is an application away. Though I didn’t click on your account to see your age so you could be to young to work that kind of job.
As Abby said lawn care or babysitting are very real options. May need to swallow a fear of door-to-door asking, but could be worth it.
You could become an author if you like writing.
Or you could use the power of patience and wait for your b-day/other holiday

That’s all I got for now I’ll post more if I think of anything else.


there was a guy who used to make hackysack counterweights and I bet those would do well

You could also look into making yoyo pouches/straps


elaborating on the lawn care you can post fliers with your number on it around town and roll in the dough


You could be creepy and look through couch cushions, like your friends’ or your grandparents’ couches or something. There are always coins stuck in there.

OR you could be all mainstream and get a job.


I like this :wink:


If you are completely locked-in to the idea of making money through the yoyoing community, you have a tough road ahead of you. Don’t let that discourage you if you really are dead-set on it, though!

My advice is to look through the miscellaneous products for sale here at YoYoExpert. Think very hard about each one and do your best to find one that makes you think, “I could do that better”. Once you’ve got that covered, start making your product and do the best job you possibly can.

For example, yoyo string is a very popular thing for average forum members to try their hands at. Look at all the different varieties of string available and do your best to make a type of string that surpasses them all. This will be extremely difficult and will likely result in failure, but you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Another example is the “yoyo holster”. Many people have made them (myself included) and many people have made them very well. If you think you can do one better, do it! Just know that, in order for anyone to want to buy your product, it A) absolutely has to be better than anything else on the market, or B) has to be much cheaper than anything else on the market.

Good luck and have fun! (My advice is that you get a real job).


I said product ideas. This is for my friend not me. I’m making 50% of what he gets for profit. I currently have 3 jobs:

Working for my dad (landscaping, irrigation, etc.)
Baby Sitting (nothing’s easier than sitting on a bunch of brats)
And I occasionally perform at children’s parties (I make about $75-$100 per party, depends how big it is but its pretty rare that I perform. I’ve performed 5 times in my 2 years of throwing. 3 of which where this year :P)


Wait, all you do is give him the idea and then you get 50% of the profit?!

So your not so much helping your friend as exploiting him…



Well, the easiest thing would be production of counterweights. Look at my cool nut counterweight I made.

The next easiest thing would probably be painting yoyos. I don’t know much about that. I think Maddog already does this.

The next easiest thing would be to sell replacement axles for companies that don’t already do so.

Next we have string. While yoyo string is already everywhere, you could produce spintop or Go West string.

Then there is the creation of holsters. I have no idea how to do that. If you attach some sort of gimmick to your holsters, they would probably sell better. Like, add a place for string, a cw, a bearing removal rod…

Next we have stripping yoyos of their ano, polishing them, or anoing them. I doubt you’ll be able to get much business though. There’s already people who do this.

Here we have turning wood yoyos on a lathe. If you decide to do this, it would probably be easiest for you to sell them if they were in a shape not common for wood. Like, an H shape.

Since you have a lathe, you could also rethread people’s yoyos.

Then, we have turning wooden spintops. You would need to get some sort of sharp metal tip, or a bearing, in there though.

And down here we have the actual creation of good yoyos, be they plastic of metal.


I don’t have a lathe, my friends dad does (he’s a wood worker) but I doubt he’ll give us access to it.

I’m making this with him, not just giving him an idea. Plus, he’s not the one that has to bike/ take the bus/ get a ride to the post office.


So then it is for you too ::slight_smile:


I say you’ll be hard pressed to find some big profit in the yoyoing world without putting a bit of money in first. As brought to light in a recent thread, string making is not too profitable of a venture, and I’m not sure of counterweight, but most of these other ideas seem to require things that are unattainable to you. I think you’d be better off finding an idea that’s non-yoyo related. Maybe your friend could get his own job? (I don’t know the situation he/you are in, so sorry if that last sentence may have come off as rude or insensitive) :slight_smile:


I think the only thing you could make any money off of would be the axles.
And by money, I mean $2 an hour.


I don’t need a crazy amount of money per order, just an amount that adds up relatively fast.