Yoyo career?


If it was possible for you to have any career in the yoyoing world what would it be? It doesn’t have to be logical.Maybe you would want to be the artist for a brand, design yoyos, own your own store, make string, possibly just professionally compete or so on…

For me personally, I would love to speak about yoyoing. Go to schools or anywhere to do speeches about them. I actually went to speech competition in high school multiple years doing speeches on yoyoing.


For me, it would be the artist for a brand. I am a graphic design major, would be awesome to land some kind of gig with a yoyo company to create artwork and promote the brand, design the website, box art, yoyo artwork (engraving), etc. Would be a nice extra bit of cash and would be a win-win as I’d be doing work with I have a passion for.


i did experiments with strings. Materials, tensions, orientations, length, thikness, multicolours, UV-cords, 2 and 4 way Helix, multicolour Helix.

they are also quite cool and i got good response, but i need about 10 minutes for a handcraft string. right now i am making about 40-50 euros an hour. so 1 string would have to be 6-8 euros a piece without taxes for me to switch profession. and i think the motivation would fade when i do 40h stringcrafting a week.

but it really spices up my hobby

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You can do it but only if your not concerned about making money.


I said “it doesn’t have to be logical”. It’s more just to see what people would like to do, not so much can it be done. Sorry for any weird wording that might have made miscommunication :smiley:

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I was mostly talking about my experience making yoyos. The rate of return from them barely covers the cost which requires me to put more of my money gained from other jobs into the company.


I would love to own a store and produce the best yoyos and strings :slight_smile:


I’ve never considered a yoyo related career. It’s a hobby or past time. Nothing else. Probably my lack of vision…

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Logical answer from me. I “lived the dream” fro about 4 years doing only my art and performing.
Its never a good idea to make your passion something you have to do for work. Operative words in that sentence is “have to.” When you “have to” do something it becomes work. When it becomes work the flame will fizzle and youll burn out at some time after. sooner than later. Also another bad thing about doing what you love for work is that you will do what you love, for free. Youll hurt yourself for the sake of the art (we are not called starving artists for nothing!) and if your solo thats fine to skate with for a couple years. But if you have a family (spouse or kids) youve got to be on point and not work for free. (I know it sounds silly, but it happens in little ways all over the place)
Keep your hobbies something that helps you deal with your job and keep your mind/hands busy in a productive, inspiring, and positive ways. :slight_smile: at least thats my thoughts.

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Designing yoyos. Especially crazy designs.