Want to earn some money by offering up services. Ideas?

I already paint yoyos, but I have only done 2 with no complaints.

I can do various mods.

I know everyone is going to say go mown lawns or do something like that.

I do do stuff like that and earn money. But I work hard to earn it.

But the services I enjoy. I enjoy sitting out in the garage doing something to a yoyo.

I have nothing for you. But I will say this, name a bunch of different things you do and how much you want people to pay you.

Also, you say:

This makes me think like you don’t really try that hard to do the job you are doing. I wouldn’t say that you don’t like working hard. That would actually make me less likely to do business with you.

Sorry that I can’t do anything right now. Please take my advice though.

Nickel plate, nickel plate, nickel plate,

Or… Mod yoyos, mod yoyos, mod yoyos

Or… Mow da lawns, mow da lawns, mow da lawns

Lol. Something will come along :slight_smile:

Regardless of what you want to do just make sure you can do it and do it right.

If you stink it up it will spread like wild fire and all you’ll hear is crickets.

Practice and patience is my recommendation.

To earn money I mow lawns… The money I get from that combined with the allowance I get I earn about $100-$150 a month.

Thats what I’m saying here. I can earn my money doing that sorta stuff and I do.

But i enjoy, like I said, sitting in my garage doing something yoyo related.

I’m going to do one of two things: crush a dream, or inspire you.

One of my friends said that there’s three kinds of jobs: the job you want, the job you’re qualified for, and the job you get. These are not the same job. Chances are, you’re not going to get any sort of money or compensation by doing anything yoyo related. 's just the way it is.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Profit margins on strings are low. CNC tools are balls expensive. Material for prototyping? Expect your first projects to cost an arm and a leg… Let’s not even get into finding clients for commissioned work.

But if you REALLY want to make any kind of money past pocket change in this niche field, you’ve gotta be creative. You need to find a hole and fill it better than anyone else. Most importantly, you have to want it. It will not be easy, and you’ll want to throw it away more times than you’ll care to recall, but if you REALLY want to make it work, you’ll stick with it. That’s where you’ll find your success.

Learn to nickel plate yoyos :smiley:

As someone stated previously, start by describing specifically what mods you can do, and advertise that in your thread in the mod section. Show some photos of your work too. People will want to see examples of what you have done to your own yo-yos, before they will trust you with theirs.

Mullicabob was spot on about having patience. Things will come along.

Dye yoyos.

Learn creative ways to do it.

If you can figure out a way to do a dye job that looks like Tie-Dye, I’ll give you my business.

Try street preforming or something. I only deal in Septims so you can imagine how hard it is for me to pay the bills…

Can enjoying being in the garage and working on yoyo’s be mutually exclusive?

What I am getting at is maybe you need to seek inspiration in other places. Maybe if you like hanging in your garage, start working on cars (as an example; cars have lots of parts you could specialize in a certain area ), or design and fabricate something not directly yoyo related but may lead into helping you expand your talents with the work you like to do with yoyos.

Make sense? It is kind of early…

I know how just haven’t done it.

I do have a white yoyo I can test.

Im not that old :stuck_out_tongue:

Even better reason! It’s better, in the long-run, to begin some trade like that when you’re young. Your brain soaks up more knowledge and can make better sense of things.

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Open up a butterfly sales service. Like:

1 Butterfly Yoyo: $2.75 (if you know where to look[well, last time I checked])

Sanding the graphics off said butterfly: $.75

Dying butterfly: $4

Replacing axle with wood and widening gap: $1

Adding weight: $2

Adding a sticker: $50 (careful with this. Any copyrighted logos on said stickers would mess you up)

Painting: whatever you already charge

Adjusting starbursts and making the gap smooth and even: you really want to try and charge for that?

Shipping: $4

Yeah… My best idea right there.

Obviously I can’t post here cause my way of making money is babysitting and doing talent shows with my yo-yos for the cash prize. :-/ I’m not much help.