ways to make money with a yoyo


any ideas on ways to make money with a yoyo cause i tried doing on the street need a pan handling license so any other ideas or places where i can panhandle? trying to get a chief and a code 2

(Troy(oyo) #2

The only time I have ever gotten money would be from doing demonstrations. Even then, I didn’t require that they pay me and only accepted the money because they insisted.

Yoyoing isn’t about making money my friend, it is about having fun.

Have you considered utilizing some other talents or perhaps getting a job?


im a minor and no one is offering jobs to me and my parents a said try yoyoing for tips thats why im here i am just trying to buy for more yoyos not yoyoing just to get money


You asked your parents how to make money and they told you to beg for it? They seem like good role models…

I agree with the ‘get a job’. It doesn’t matter if you’re underage. In a lot of places, you can apply for a minor work permit. The minimum age is 14.

If you’re younger than that, or that doesn’t strike your fancy, rake someone’s lawn. Build something and sell it at a flea market. Collect cans and recycle them.

Making money isn’t that hard, people are just lazy.


Yep, it isn’t hard. If a parent does something you can help with as their job, you can ask them if you can go to work with them and make a little money.


serouisly guys, this dude speaks the epic truth. I’m 14, and work my freakin but off prepping baseball fields, and then umpiring them. after school, i go to the ball fields, and i wreak in like 60 bucks a night. If you want, go to a HIGHLY busy area, with a guitar case, or a bag, and then start yoyoin. ya might make a few bucks if your REALLY good, but not much. like $5 a night maybe.


I completely agree.

For me, everything I do is high risk. Computer consulting is a high risk job these days. People want to screw you when it comes time to pay. DataComm sales are a joke these days. I design systems, then submit the proposal for the sale, then they take the components, shop it out to the lowest bidder an then expect me to come back and do the install for free. Where’s my motivation? Media transfers are hit and miss, to the point where it’s no longer worth it to offer the services, especially with CostCo doing a crappy job and people not knowing any better. Yes: I handle 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film. This isn’t “turn and burn” stuff, this is meticulous and labor intensive work!

Then there’s live sound. My issue is promoters don’t understand what a DJ is vs. what a sound production company is, so they shop by PRICE only, not “functionality”, and then their tiny little events tank because they hired a DJ when they needed a sound production company. And since I don’t want to tour much anymore, I’m throwing away $40K/month if not MORE to be on the road.

So, to make up the difference, I do odd jobs and anything I can here and there to make money. I spend as much time LOOKING for work as I do working. These days, I spend MORE time looking for work than working. Yes, I’ll mow laws and do other crap. I ain’t proud. I can’t work a lot of stuff because I also gotta watch my 4 kids during the day, yet I don’t give up.

Washing cars. People want their cars clean. Cut grass and do “Landscaping”, people want their yards looking nice. Holiday season: offer to hang lights. Snow season: Shovel snow. People got pets, not to sound nasty, but I have to de-poopify my yard at least once a week so my pugs have a “fresh canvas upon which to perform their artwork”… Fences need painting or sealing, and so do many wood decks and wooden lawn furniture. Get a pressure washer and offer to wash down houses and driveways(or cars and trucks).

Other perhaps non-paying jobs are volunteering with the community. These can lead to something. Personally, I LOVE offering my services for free to the community. I love doing sound and sharing my craft with others is a joy.

And now with Christmas forced upon us, retailers are looking for seasonal help. Now is the time to get a temporary job.