How to Make Money For Yoyos?

Does anybodyhave any good easy ways of making money? Its kinda hard to convince my parents for an allowance, so I’m pretty limited. I really want to have a bigger variety of yoyos.

babysit once you get enough clients you will get lots of money. Just the other day I babysat some kids and got $50 easy money if don’t mind kids. Also dog watching is good too.

It’s summer, I’d mow some lawns

I think of outdoor jobs such as mowing people’s lawns and shoveling snow. That way, you make money all the time! Or use fiverr services!

Depending on how old you are, you could get a job? I don’t know about where you live, but a lot of the places here will hire you at 15. I’m 16 and make more than enough to buy any yoyo i could want.

Buy and sell yoyos. I’m not saying scalp, people hate that. If you know someone is specifically looking for something, find it.

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Buy a yoyo that costs 50 dollars.

Trade it for a yoyo that costs more.

Trade it for a yoyo that costs more

and continue until you can resell that yoyo for more than you bought the original for, then buy a new, more expensive yoyo or spend it on a MIB yoyo on the b/s/t.

You can start with a yoyo of whatever value you want.

Why would someone trade a 50 $ yoyo with an expensive one?

A trade is fair if both participating parties are happy. If the other person has a $75 yoyo but wants your $50 yoyo, you just made $25.

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I once traded a Cypher I got for $45, for a $100 Genesis. It’s all about strategy, in fact, I almost always trade up in prices. I guess I’m just a good business man.

We have people that mow our neighborhoods lawns :’(

Im 11 :(. I would be employable for some mini jobs though.

beg like you have no money, home, etc.


Well that puts you in a rough spot then.

Show your parents that you want to learn to be an entrepreneur.
Tell them you have tons of games, toys, etc that you don’t use, and haven’t for a long time.
Tell them you want to learn responsibility and understand how tough it is to earn a dollar.
Get them to set up an eBay account, unless they already have one, and allow them to help you learn to be a salesman.
Let them know that if you can learn these skills at an early age then it will make you a better person to allow for a brighter tomorrow.

I got a mint dead smooth Cryo Arctic Circle 1 for a garage sale/throw away worthy soda maker.

There’s a long list of trades it took for that, and to be fair I threw in 40 along the way.

But strategic trading works.

This is good advice. The catch is, you’ll need access to a few pieces of equipment. If your folks own a home, they may have the equipment and let you borrow it. But, if they’re renting, or do not have to mow their own lawn, they may not have the equipment lying around. If they do have the equipment, they may not want the wear and tear of it being used for you to make money mowing other lawns. And, unless the yards are within walking distance, you’ll have a hard time getting to jobs without a truck or trailer or something to tow it all in. You’ll need a mower, a blower and something to edge the lawn to do a decent job at it though. Considering equipment, equipment maintenance, and some way to haul the stuff around, it is profitable, but overtime a bit of overhead too.

I think the fastest way to make money you want is to sell something you already have. With auction sites and Paypal accounts, there is an easy way to make money for yo-yos. The catch with this one, is that you have to have things that are worth something, that you are willing to part with. Most people have another hobby, whether it’s sports, gaming, or something they can sell stuff to get things for their other interests. You may want to give that a try. Ask your parents if you can sell their junk, and yours, and set up a yard sale. See what you can get that day for your crap, and use the money for yo-yos. Your folks may be happy you helped them do some Spring cleaning.

Try painting. If you know what you’re doing, you can ask around if someone needs a room or two painted in the house. If they will buy the paint, you can do the labor. You might need some basic stuff, which would be overhead for you, but it’s a way to make some quick cash.

Clean houses. If you are good at cleaning, you can make money doing that. A lot of people are elderly, injured, or just don’t have the time. You can make $100 easy doing that.

Wash, wax and detail cars. If you have the basics, you can do a nice job on someone’s car. Just don’t damage it, because that’s a no no.

Clean gutters. Are you old enough to be up on a ladder, and not afraid of heights? If it’s all good, you can make some money cleaning gutters. I’d pay someone to clear mine in a second. Do small homes, little ranches, capes, or whoever doesn’t want to be up there doing it themselves.

Tutoring. If you’re smart, you can offer your services to help someone out, and make some dough.

Babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting…

If you’re good at sports, referee games, and get paid to do it. You have to be really good though. Referee some little kids or something. :-\

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When I was 11 I lived on a golf course. Made a trap attached to a rope that we’d throw into the ponds. Pull up golf balls. Then get a cooler and cheap sodas, lemonade, water from a big box store. Go set up shop next to the golf cart path in the back of a neighbor’s yard.

We weren’t technically on golf course property but right next to a golf cart path. Made pretty good money. Also made the golf course office angry and eventually had to close up shop. Was fun though. Bought a lot of fishing lures and trading cards with the profits 8)

If there’s a country club with a golf course near you check on the minimum age to be a caddy. My son started when he was 11 and worked there until he was 19 as a senior caddy. Made good money.

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