Money earning ideas?

I need some cash to buy a One Drop Project from a friend, for about 80ish.

I’ve done pretty much all the chores in an out of the house, and I’ve got no more jobs around the house…

My string business was a failure due to me.

No one will have a yoyo painted because they think with 1 feedback I’m not trustable…

So, I also am to young to do EBay, and my mom HATES doing it. (If she didn’t I would have $80 easy with all the old toys I don’t play with and other things.)

Most people would say Trade/sell some of your collection.

Well, my collection is very small, and I have maybe spent $100 total on the case, parts, and yoyos I have. (Most were cheap, discounted, free, or Birthday/Christmas)

So, any ideas?

Maybe I should go sell the cans in the recycling bin ;D!

Depending on where you live cans are a great idea. I know where I used to live in Ohio cans were 64 cents a pound but where I live now (Iowa) cans are 5 cents a piece. So if you drink a lot of canned pop might be something for you :slight_smile:

Also try smaller non chain stores they will often higher younger kids. Like this place near me pays like 9.50 for a bunch of teenagers to bag.
(Will depend on state you live in)

dude it’s summer… drag the lawnmower around the neighborhood knock on some doors and mow some lawns for 10.00.

I did this and made cash for a few summers when i was younger.

Heck ask for odd jobs too… i’ve organized garages, cleaned out attics, planted annuals…

the first thing you have to do is turn off your ipad/pod and go outside and knock on some doors. Dont get discouraged cause 99% of the people will say no thank you. Your trying to find that 1% tha ts say’s yes. The more doors you knock on the more of a change you will have to find an odd job.

how about cleaning up dog poop… people hate to do it… offer to clean a yard twice a week for a small fee. A plain bottom of the line scooper (i’m talking the ones with a little rake and scoop deal), some grocery store bags and your in business.

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TurboChicken has the right answer. Do lots of small cheap jobs; they add up.

Spring is in the air. Now is the perfect time to now lawns.

In a lot of cases you don’t need your own mower to cut grass. People will have you use theirs.

Become dragonborn, explore an ancient nordic ruin, search EVERY last thing, and walk out like a bawse with a few hundred septims or so. Just watch out for draugr and bandits…and the occasional frostbite spider. Get your smithing up to 100 and make dragon weapons first, and maybe dragon light armor because daedric is better than dragon heavy armor. Light armor lets you move quicker unless you have the steed stone on, then you can move as fast in heavy armor. Now if you run outta money while trying to get smithing materials, look in the hidden chest in dawnstar to get some quick cash and a bunch of materials you can sell to a shopkeeper. But before you sell go to riften and get your speech to 100 in the meadery glitch thingy. Then, when you have those weapons, and the armor, get your enchanting up to 100 and put some awesome enchantments on those suckas. Then you can head into dat ruin. Or, boost magic skills, get a really good robe, or armor if you want the extra protection,and head in there like a wizarding bawse. Your call really. :-\


Babysitting? Sounds crazy but you can get a lot of cash quick as in how does over $20 sound for 1 job? It’s pretty good if you live in a neighborhood cause you can get $100 really quick.

Thanks for the ideas, but here are two drawbacks.

I don’t know anyone who has kids I can babysit, I (according to some) am a little young to be left with kids late at night.

I also can not mow lawn :’(.

I am close to learning tho.

Whaddya mean “cannot mow lawn”. Allergic to fresh grass?

Ah first world problems…

I am an adult now, but when I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to mow the lawn because we lived on a hill and I tipped the lawnmower over on the hill and spilled gasoline everywhere and the grass died.

How old are you exactly? That makes a big difference. You can also offer to pull weeds at someone’s house. You’re never too young for that. Just make sure you ask before pulling anything you aren’t sure about.

Some great ideas here. The dog poop one is absolutely brilliant. More people would be inclined to say yes to that and you wouldn’t have to get gas or worry about doing a terrible mow job

Go get a scooper. That’s pure money.

Too bad, I think that experience would have especially qualified you. Nothing like learning the hard way. Imagine how careful you would have been from then on after learning from your mistake. It was just grass after all.

Funny story though. I guess we all know how to get out of mowing the lawn now!

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Poop, oh how I love it! Maybe a good Idea, all my neighbors have dogs…

The only neighbor who isn’t grumpy and rude to kids is rich. She has the whole lot, a lawn service, a pool maintainer, herself, and a little Mexican who helps with the weed pulling and other stuff.

Man, sometimes he is anoyying, he tends to pour ashes from the fire place(her husband has a fire practically every day ::)) into our yard >:(

I started cutting grass when I was 10. Get to it.

Don’t know how to mow a lawn? You can YouTube this. I didn’t know how to at first also. Grass was so uneven. Just get learn as you go. Takes a bit of experience.
I can’t build a Lego house, but I’ve installed hot water heaters and unclogged pipes all from YouTube.
Come to think about, also learned yoyo tricks from YouTube.

That’s the truth. I’ve fixed so much stuff and taught myself so much simply through YouTube and google. The other day i completely stripped apart a laptop and cleaned it thoroughly… Was the easiest thing ever… In a lot of ways was easier than taking apart a pc. I’ve made side dough wiping computers etc fixing them… No college degree required as long as you got the internet

Weather starting to get really nice out. You can start washing cars. I take it that you live in a suburban area so maybe you can go door to door.
I once wanted to start a door to door auto oil changing service. I can come over with tools, oil, and filter. Owner wouldn’t have bring the car to the shop or anything .