Something I should do- help!

I am to young to have a job, I want to think of things I can do that people here would want done to their yoyos.

I might start selling string, but not the most popular thing to do.

Maybe Polishing, which I can do, I just don’t have enough yoyos to do.

Also: How much would a Soda Blaster machine or something similar? Or a String Maker lime the Pros use.

I don’t have a lathe yet so no recesses.

Anything els you guys can think of or would like me to start doing?

Thanks everyone who posts here ;).

Mirror polishes !

A string making set up is around $50 with around 10,000 yards of soft poly, I have a five line string rig, just a few 2*4s and some dowels, but you do need a corded drill.

I would love to do it, but I don’t have yo-yos to practice on or do.

I have a rig I just want to know how the professionals make 100 packs and stuff. Do they just have a fancy rig or do they have machines?

It is called work, if you want to make money it takes time and hard work. It takes me a couple of hours to make a 50 pack. But I do it and love it. Is your rig multiple or single

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Both, I have tried a multiple and I have single.

With the multiple it is Jake Elliot’s rig.

Quite expensive.

Maybe wait until the weather breaks and cut lawns. Have a golf course near by - caddy (good money). Pet sitter/dog walker.

Caddy for a golfer?? Never thought about that. But no big golf courses here, just a few “lets go golf guys” kinda courses.

I saw a soda blaster for 80 some.

How do companys make their strings?

Doing services involving yoyos for people is not a great way to make money. There’s a lot of people on here that are already experts in the categories you listed and they do it for cheap. You’re better off mowing lawns, weeding gardens, something along those lines until you can get a job. Or ask your parents to start giving an allowance. Say “it will teach you how to manage money for when you have a job”… which is indeed valuable to know.

Keep in mind too, you don’t need new yoyos all the time. I’ve come to realize this and I’m trying to wither my collection to just a few yoyos at a time.

Do you have a drill press?


My collection is very small. All my yoyos have been bought cheap from other websites, or have been given free or birthday/Christmas.

I just got my first metal. It was free from a friend. I also have a wooden looping yoyo that was free from him as well.

I’m am fine with just a very small amount of yoyos. But they need to be a few good ones.

Like for example, I don’t want a small collection of say 5, and them be cheap plastics. I’d prefer a small collection of 5 with some Higgins metals and maybe a plastic or two.

I hear my dad laughing. ;D

This is your best bet. You don’t really need to invest much money to begin with. I just started with 3 nails in my wall.

I mean a job where you get a monthly paycheck. You have to be 16 or so I believe. I’m only 13.

i thouht it was 14 or 15? Bw, im 13 too, high 5 ;D

I guess it’s different in some states.

I guess it’s different in some states.

Ask your neighbors for work. Your parents will be impressed when you start driving around in a Lambo.