pricing yoyo string

I’m thinking about making and selling yoyo string, but I don’t know how much I should sell them for. how much could I sell a pack of ten for, and make a profit?

Well… How much do you buy the thread for? :wink:

Is it good string? If so, possibly around $7 a pack of ten. Maybe lower, around $5.

You might want to get some testers before you start selling it though. :slight_smile:

I would be happy to test it. I am almost a string-enthusiast.
I have now tried Kitty (Fat, Slim & Normal, String Labs, Big YoYo String, Graou, and Toxic’s.
So far, Big YoYo is my go-to.

I too would to love to be a tester

I can test some and write a review for you. Do you have a name for your strings?

not really. It’s just polyester string. I’m new to this, how do I give you some string to test?

you ship them to people.

just shoot people a pm to get everything sorted out, i.e. address, and stuff like that!

I’d be willing to test as well :slight_smile:

I’m also available to test!

You should consider the price of each string, how many strings you can make per hour, and how much you want to make an hour.

For instance, let’s say that a string costs $.10 to make, and you can make 50 strings an hour. This means that materials cost you $5 an hour.

Let’s say that you wanted to make $10 an hour wile making yoyo string. Well, you have to account for material cost, so you’ll really have to make 15 worth of product an hour. So, making 50 strings and hour, you'd have to charge .30 per string to make $10 an hour.

So that’s-

(Desired profit per hour + Material cost per hour)/number of strings per hour = Cost per string


I don’t want to test strings right now. The last time someone sent me a batch of string, the string I chose, I finally REMOVED. It just DID NOT wear out. I played it for MONTHS and it just held like a champ. Soft, strong, good bounce to it, and just lasted forever. I just finally got sick of the same string in there and took it out.

Gotta find my notes. Whatever they did there, they did right.

If be interested in buying some of these. Do you know where I could he some?

I gotta know how they made those.

I’m too busy with other stuff right now, but I’m planning to try to find the package of strings. They made other formulas as well. But this blue with pink number, wow. Just wish it was longer(they made them short). Amazing.

WHAT? 50 an HOUR??? IT TAKES ME 10 min TO MAKE ONE!!!

Sounds like you need a more efficient string rig. Mine makes 10 strings in 11-12 minutes.

I would love to test some of your string out!

Me need instructions. Send me them in pm. I make them one at a time.

Me too…

How is that possible?