Ill pay you to teach me how to make my own string :)

Who wants either a cheap throw?
Or 5$ to email me details directions on making string.
Can pay more for a detailed tutorial
Couldn’t find anything worthy on YouTube. Anyways if anyone is down please let me know.

There’s no need to pay anyone. we’re a friendly bunch who would do it for free
it’s pretty simple. Basically:

  1. Get your thread. Any thread will work, experiment! polyester, cotton, etc etc
  2. Have some kind of a hook or nail, and a drill with a J shaped bit. (you can use a bent paperclip, coat hanger, anything. Just as long as it’s kind of hook shaped)
  3. run the thread back and forth between the hook, and your drill. I generally do this 6 times (so 12 strands total) Make sure it’s not too short. Your finished product will probably be about 1/2-1/3 the length you started at. About 10 feet is usually good.
  4. Turn on the drill (or a rotary tool would work too) for as long as you want. The longer you go, the heavier/whippier your string will be, but the faster you’ll add tension. The shorter you go, the lighter/floatier your string will be, but with better tension.
  5. once you’ve spun your string the desired amount, tie off both ends. Doesn’t matter if it’s a clean know, you’ll be cutting it off anyway. Just make sure it doesn’t get unraveled
  6. Tie the two ends together, and put a yoyo on the string. Make sure the string isn’t bunched up at all.
  7. Let the yoyo dangle from the string while holding where you tied the knots. This will cause the string to twist together
  8. Cut the string to your desired length, and use it!

You don’t actually have to tie off the ends at step 5 or 6, but I just find that it makes it easier.

If for whatever reason that video doesn’t suffice, I can try to record a video tomorrow.


Good tutorial, Jake Ellitot can make 100 strings on an hour I think he said.

That is with a string rig.

40-60 is about the general average with a string rig. Since I’ve been doing 1 color strings, I’m averaging about 55 an hour currently.

Also, to the OP, I reccomend to learn that you go to Walmart and buy one of the big spools of polyester serging thread. It comes in basic colors (nothin’ fancy), and costs like $2.20 for 2000 yards or something like that. That is plenty of thread to learn on. I recomend 6 “wraps” (or 12 lengths, a wrap meaning down and back, and a length just meaning down). That will get you an average sized string

Wow people can make 50-60 strings in a hour but charge 4-6 for 10? How much is the materials? Is colored poly more expensive?

You guys are all great tho really appreciate all the help :slight_smile: I don’t have much time to make string but also don’t like spending 4-7 per 10 strings so I usually just buy 100pks of kitty and buy like 2 to 3 packs per order when I do order. I like string lab type 1 anyone have anything that might be similar?

Let me know via PM if someone is willing to make strings constantly but charge a lower rate ill become a consistent customer but would be looking for someone who could provide a semi thin poly string Im not a fan of the thick stuff that’s slick and doesn’t stay on your finger

Hey big Yoyo
I was sent a sample of your guys’ string I also really enjoyed the type 1, it’s great. What’s the cost on that? I received a sample pack,
It had
Type 1
Type 1 loose
And silk something (it was green and silky looking)

The two different type 1s are nice

It really depends on the string. Some strings cost me $.18 to make, others less. However, when people buy fancy yoyo string, their paying for time mostly.

And skills required. It takes a long time to figure out how to make high quality string with unique characteristics.

It costs me little, only around a nickel, then add in my time, postage, custom-printed stickers and packaging, and a little something for myself and that is how you get a 5 dollar price tag. Also, the higher price keeps the orders down. Imagine if you made that same string but charged 2 dollars. You would be bombarded with orders and would have to turn people down, which is wrong in my opinion.

Yeah that makes sense I understand.

Could you offer better numbers for bulk orders??

Generally, you do. I’m pretty sure I cut out about 25% of the price for a 100 pack

Yup, same here. Any order above 3 packs gets 10%, 10+ packs gets 25%

What’s the number on a bundle of 10? So I can figure out the math.