String Testers Wanted

Hey guys, I started making my own string and would like some testers to give me some feedback. All you have to do is pm me your name address and string color preference. I will try to get you that color, but I can’t make any guarantees. So start signing up now because it’s first come first serve. Only the first 15 people will get some samples.

Do you have a website amigo to check out your strings, I would be interested.

me too.

Yeah. Same.

Sorry guys no website yet, that’s one of the things I have to look into. 13 spots left. Theyre going quick

I forgot to put color. White

10 spots left. Don’t consider yourself in unless I get your name and address and you get a reply back saying you are in. BTW usa only

I’d like to say even if I don’t get picked its awesome that your starting own business. I love the way that there are a ton of small businesses in this industry instead of just 3 or 4 huge corporations

Four spots left. thanks for the enthusiasm guys!

pm sent!

i sent my pm a hour ago and never got a your in so am i?

Would love to test your string.

He said US only. Sorry Bro.

yeah I did say US only, sorry for all the messages. And I have 15 now guys, might be 16 but for now I’m not adding anybody. Cant wait to get the feedback. Lets post it in this thread that way it would be an assortment of reviews all in one place that everybody could read

damn im to late but i would love to test some new threads i just got some kevlar and i dont really like them and im in the US


Maybe a little later. I have come down with a fever and am not feeling so good

Feel better man!

Alright guys, shipped out Mitch’s, Elijah’s, Casey’s, Page’s, amd Hannah’s yesterday. Hoping to get the rest done today, so everybody should have them by next week


Awesome looking forward to getting it!!