Official Thread of The String Company Known as Big Yoyo String

Hey guys, here is the official Big Yoyo String thread. Keep an eye on this thread for updates, as I will be setting up a website. Check out our Facebook page!

Facebook Page

Facebook Page

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Hey everybody, just a heads up that within about a week we should have a mailing list. Im planning on it being a weekly mailing list, but keep watching this thread and our facebook page for details

Currently working on prototyping some new string models, since I need more selection than one model. Im also looking for one person, in america, wiling to try out a bunch of different strings and give me feedback. PM me if you are interested

Bump! Releasing a new string model soon! Be on the look out. Join our mailing list!

Like our Facebook Page

Well, that string model I said we were releasing might not be so soon, since after figuring it out, there wasnt any money to be made. I wold literally make exactly 43 cents each order of 10, so I’m thinking about ways to make it more feasible.

We also got new packaging! Check it out here

Check out our Facebook Page

Hey everybody, Type 1 and Type 2 are available for purchase, and I am working on type 3

Type 3 being released really soon

I made you a video, but oh my god, these are THE best strings I have ever tried in my life! I was so satisfyed, and will upload my review later.
My favorite- Pink Proto
Least favorite- Slix, but don’t get me wrong, I love them all.
I don’t know what you have cooking in your mind, but you are an absolute genius. This is the answer for all yoyo-ers out there. I will happily spread the word, and thank you again!

Big Yoyo Strings are amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks man! That means soo much! As for what is going on in my head- A LOT of musical theory, some metal songs, ideas for drum beats, Android code, Yoyo string prototypes, Recipes for custom colored string, and a bunch of other things involving cycling and drumming.

I drum. Alot, and LOVE metal!

Hey if you need any string testers I will be happy to test them

Sorry, I had people testing my strings last year around this time. Lol, but they are available for purchase

Re-uploaded with clean music and minor editing :slight_smile: Big YoYo Strings are awesome

I love type 1!

Hey man, I would like to purchase some oof the Protos. I really enjoyed them alot!

We dont have protos anymore, they all have names!

Cyber Silk (AKA Proto 1)- $5/pack
Type 1 Loose-$5/pack

You used my name! I feel so special! :slight_smile:
Well, I would like to buy 25. Do you have a set price yet?