"Frozen Fire" Yo-yo Strings

Hey Guys!
I was messing around today and I struck gold on a new yoyo string. Its called 'Frozen Fire". These are my brand new poly/nylon yoyo strings!! They are really great. I am tring to make a little bit of money over the summer, so I will be selling the strings. Here are some pictures:
Neon Green/Grey
Neon Orange/Grey
Neon Yellow/Grey
Navy Blue/Grey (NEW)
Here are the improvements between the new and the old strings.
Top: old strings
Middle: New strings!
Bottom: YYE poly strings

Strings are now much tighter!

note: These strings are for experienced players only, as they are made for non-responsive yoyos.

PM me if you are interested and want the details.
Titanium221 8)

Is it me or does that look freakishly thick…

No, they’re 8 threads. its just a very close up photo…

They llook WAY too loose. No comparison pics? No reviews from other players?.. Howbout a decent picture? :-
Just some suggestions

Maybe A vid?

They look thick, but the picture is probably a close-up.

But they do look too loose.

The red and gray look great. What kinda price, and I also wouldn’t mind seeing a comparison pic.

frozen fire? Is that possible? WE SHOULD TRY!

show some comparison pics and i might buy some

Yep. It’s how you make glass.

Fire + sand = glass.

Wow, that looks WAY too loose. Let me know if it can hold tension well.

It can. It has amazing whips and slacks. this picture is of a brand new string, and it tightens up once you break it in.


It is! I thought it was just mega close up.

I’d twist it some more…

here is a picture of my string that is broken in. it tightens up. (sorry about my bad picture quality)

Umm… I dont know. That doesnt seem good. I really think you shouldnt tighten it up a lot more.
What do you mean by “Breaking it in”? As in: Play a lot and dont adjust string tension?
Thats not how string should be.

It seems like your strings vary a lot. When trying to sell string do make sure that every single string you make is identical.

Addment: Quality control as paople might call it.

You’ve got to try in to believe it.

Yeah, just like don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I never wanted to read Twilight, but I did.

No thanks. Your way of trying to sell this product isnt really all that great. You start selling it the day you figured out how to make it. So that proves no experience. Youre not giving it to testers so there arent any reviews. And your pictures arent all that great.
I had a friend that tried to make string after like a month of yoyoing. He kept making strings and told me to try them. Try, after try, after try…
Weeks pass by and he had already done a lot of different techniques.
He eventually started making the most awesome string i had ever played… The only people that ever knew about it was me and my friend.
Im just saying that you should maybe prepare this stuff a little more and be ready for certain questions like for reviews and stuff. Youre young and have plenty of time to sell this later on.
No rush.

I have several reviews on the way, so I will be sure to get them to you.