i go to a yoyo club and the string we use is getting kinda old i want to see what yoyo expert has got in terms of string i am probably going to be buying 20$ worth of string so post here if you want to be part of my exotic string program!!!

Wait… what?

If you want good string, buy it here you’ll get more for your dollar.

Perfect Fit String. A newer type of blend - 20% Nylon, and 80% Polyester. Its going to be sold by General-Yo yoyos, and is a fantastic string. Contact Jeremy K to buy some:;u=262

I second that

Yes, also amazing string. It came with my Hatrick. Very good quality, and a great string to try.

What!!! YOU HAVE A HATRICK!?!? Where did you get it!??! As you know i am a general yo fanatic!?!?!

Anyway, bling string rocks! Pm yoyolvr to get some. 5 bucks for 10 strings. It is soft like gstring. but last a LONG TIME!!! Comes in cool colors! my favorites are black/gold and black/purple/maroon!

It might just be me but you’re saying that like G-string doesn’t last a long time…which it does. I recommend G-string at

He got it at Nats.

I sell string.

May as well pipe in here myself. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Paul (aka gsimian) and I have been making handmade string for over 4 years.
I’ve twisted over 150,000 strings and have sold bundles all over the world.

On my website you can order a “testers pack” which has one of each ‘format’ that I use to make my string. Yes, that’s right it’s not just ‘string’ but different thicknesses and tensions to help meet almost any players preferences. Currently I have 6 different formats available. Soon there will be 7.

On top of that, my website also offers over 90 unique and colourful designs in which you can order your string. I highly value playability but also encourage the aesthetic that yoyos provide nowadays in terms of ano colours, blasted surfaces, etc. That’s why I have so many designs, to help you find what YOU want that matches your favorite yoyo. Solid string is boring, plain and simple. If you don’t see a design you want, in a format you want, in stock in my webstore you can simply email me through the contact page and place a custom order.

Anyhow, that’s enough rambling from me.
If you like you can view my website at

Thanks for your time in reading this post and I hope to hear from you with any questions you may have.

  • gsimian

p.s. Thanks for the defend Shisaki. My string lasts ages.

i sell string it is pretty good if i say so myself pm me to order

Speaking of strings, what’s the make up % of the gator floss? It feels like polly but its so stiff that I wonder what else could be involved. Anyone know?

100% Polyester.

huh, really. Why is it so stiff then?

maybe they twist it a lot

I am not saying g dosn’t last a long time. But what I am saying is that bling string has lasted me longer.

Yea but when you say “It’s soft like G-string” you are comparing it to bling string on how they both are soft and when you say “But lasts a long time” thats practically saying G-string doesnt. If you say AND lasts a long time it would be better.

I dont think so but ok you could think that if you want. :-\ but like i said i did not mean it like that. Bling string has a mystery string that makes it last more than normal strings. g last about normal id say but bling string last me longer. that is what i am trying to say. And plus i said lasts a LONG TIME! That indicates that it acually lasts a long time.

I never contradicted you on the longitivity of the bling string. You are saying BUT…which means the other string doesnt. Like you said you can think what you want.

Way to quote like the entirity of this thread for each response lol.

James says that he thinks bling string lasts longer than G-string. Whether it really does or not is unknown.