Toxic yoyo Strings


Just want to let  everybody know that we are a new company producing string. We stumbled onto a great product and started sharing it with others in the yoyo community. With great reviews we decided to start producing Toxic Strings. Toxic Strings are great for whips and slacks many have said that the string is unique and almost seems to whip itself. Please check out my facebook page as the web site is still being built. thanks again for looking!!

Toxic Strings


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have to admit. i picked up some of your grapelicious string at the ohio state competition. and i was a little worried at first. But this the best string ive played so far. it is amazing for whips. ive tried hamstring g-string and chaos, and i like this more than all of those.


Hey thanks for Purchasing the strings, we are glad you like them!


how long are the toxic strings


they are approx. 52" long.


Would like to ask,What is your favorite color of String?




i ordered some with my kitty strings on saturday i hope they are good and im looking forward to them


Thanks for getting them let me know what you think.

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Would this be more appropriate?


thats cool I like that.

Please check out my stuff have new things going on my page


we have something new due to be released soon please check out our site



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10 strings.


Isn’t that the normal price? I think it is also $6 on the OD site. I thought it said sale. Oh well. Gotta restock toxic strings, it’s all I throw. It is amazing for whips and slacks, and is priced great. Imo, THIS IS THE BEST STRING ON THE MARKET. The colors are amazing too. I have been a huge fan of this string since it came out, and I still love it. It is Amazing! I can’t wait for the 50 packs. Any general idea on the price?


50 packs are sold for $30.00


We are proud to announce that we have created a signature string for Mark Montgomery. He explains in detail

Mark Montgomery, Toxic String and One Drop bring the signature string of Mark Montgomery.

Here is Mark’s description of it:
"I sent onedrop a description of what I was looking for. It was a thick string that was stiff and fast like the string I use now. But a little thinner than what I use to compensate for multi level/layer string tricks. I was losing a lot of sleep time from my string being so thick.

Onedrop relayed this info. to Toxic who speedily crafted up 3 separate samples for me to test out. All of them played great so it was tough to make the decision, but I ended up picking the thickest of the three. One minor change was made to a couple of strans to get the color of the string to be perfectly white and the string was done.

The string is 14-count 100% poly. Its stiff and plays like a thick 8 count string in speed and texture. But feels thinner then all 8 count, so its not as bulky in the gap or on the finger.
Another thing that was important that I forgot to mention was the longevity. Like all handmade strings, the price point is certainly not the prettiest, but that is very relative and dependent on the quality of product. After using this string for over 2 hours, it begins to loosen up. Most thick strings get soft and actually thicker in the used phase. This string almost neutralizes itself. The strans get slightly tighter making it thinner (hypothetically), but at the same time the strans soften up and out, making it thicker. So it maintains it’s thickness, while changing in texture. I could probably use one of these strings for a good 10hours of play (then wash it and use it for another 10).

To note - there is a very VERY fine line in string thickness (no pun intended). Too thin and the control over the yoyo at speed gets very unpredictable. Too thick, you’ve got total control at high speed, but with the thickness, there’s too much material running across your fingers so it slows you down. Getting string right in the middle is where you want it. That perfect s’medium thickness. Thick enough to feel and be stiff, yet thin enough to not slow you down. Make sense?

A lot of time and thought was put into this string and I think you guys will love it. This string heavily mimics the string I originally used on my Markmont. Next, and I can without a doubt say that it plays better with the string I use to use, and this new string. You’ll be very surprised at the difference in using a string that’s pretty much catered to the yoyo.

Enjoy : P"

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Great line. ;D


Picked up some of Mark’s string, can’t wait to get it! I was chatting with him, sounds real nice. This+MMN= WIN!