Official Thread of The String Company Known as Big Yoyo String

$5 a pack for the cyber silk. And yes I did use your name :wink:



A dedication :slight_smile:



Hey everybody, been rather busy (actually super busy) lately, just wanted to let everybody know I am still alive and making string

Got some of that Cyber Silk the other day…pretty stinkin good :slight_smile: I like it a lot :wink:

Guess who named it!? :DDD

We need Big Yoyo string Tshirts, and stickers.

I would def. buy the shirts.

I was thinking just a black T-shirt with the Orange Big Yoyo strings logo on it, it would look awesome!

I’m working on stickers right now! Should have them by beginning of December. Lots of COLORS! And as for T-shirts, that is on my list of things to look into! I was thinking the same thing, Black with Orange and maybe White with Orange

When you finish them I will be happy to buy them oh and add a sticker or two when a person buys some string

Exactly what I was gunna do!! Im getting different bags and will use them as my product labels, and I will give them out. I will be ordering 1000 either tonight or this weekend, so they will be here by next week friday. As for shirts, I just found a local place that will do it rather cheap, Im going to call them Monday (they’re only open M-TR)

Giving them out, or selling them?

Man now I want to be on your team the sad thang is I fit everything you want except I don’t compete in Yoyo competition :frowning: don’t but I am planning to compete in da future

I want to be on the team too… and I do compete in contests.

Guys don’t worry, the team doesn’t just end with me and Andrew. I’m sure Jacob (Big Yoyo) has plans for the team in the near future.

I can’t find the requirements for the team but would love to be on it!
Can you show where?

I’m gonna need one of these for my iPad case :slight_smile: I’ve got all sorts of stickers from yoyo brands on it. And I got 2 people starting to yoyo at school, I’ll have them using big yoyo string in a few weeks :wink: haha

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