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OK lm looking for testers to write very detailed reviews on my high quality hand made strings. i will only be selecting a few yoers based on diffrent skill levels and such. there 100% poly strings.


pm me,


Hmm…if you happen to choose me, I can make a review against PFS, and give my judgments. You will get a PM from me soon :wink:

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if you need a very new yoyoer, I might be one of your good picks. I’ll just send you a PM.


I’m Willing to try these strings out but I’m intermediate skill level. New strings are always great :smiley:

(Raphael) #5

im up to try something new i am learning spirit bomb right now
i guess i am intermediate
i have a lot of free time and i could right a detailed report on them
btw: i yo-yo around 2 hours a day if that means any thing


im past the master level at this site, i will gladly try them out

(big dave!!!) #7

i wouldnt mind checkin them out either joe.


If you are looking for a still developing yoyoer who is very skilled at detailed essay writing then im your man

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I just (re)started on March 4th. I have been through Slick 6 (One) , 100 Cotton (Five), 100 Poly (Ten) and Angel Hair (One) strings. I am in the advanced level and I wouldn’t mind giving a review of your string. How detailed would you want it to be? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure if I have enough experience to do it.


well I would be happy to try your strings
it might take me a while(1-2 weeks)to get some experience with them but I will be happy to test them and I can compare them to some strings that are sold on YYN too

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i do have a life, and i just posted it not too long ago… im searching for qualified individuals… this takes homework…


Thats not what I meant. I just thought that you had forgotten about this…

Anyway, if you need a 5A player im avaliable.

edit: and I just realized that I read the wrong date of the post and stuff…now I feel a little stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahaha. It happens to all of use. I mean I posted please don’t necro post on a stickied post. Lol :stuck_out_tongue: I quickly corrected it after I found out.


Haha thanks I feel a little better now. I deleted the comment after I found out so as not to confuse anyone else reading this post.

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No problem! ;D Im glad I could make you feel better!


hey i’d be exited to try im a pretty inhanced yoyoer intermidite ;D and the EMPIRE Strings looks smooth racting i hope im picked and not saying this for you just to pick me but im realy good at giving reviews i dont know if you want to pick me but i hope and the name is so outstanding nice touch the string are so bright it almost seems like they glow in the dark!


Wow, not a comma or a period. :-\ Cant’ wait to read your review’s lol.


Lol, OldSchool, you read my mind :wink:


You know what they say!! GREAT MINDS :o

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haha, i c now, its all good… and i can wait to start sending these strings out, and hearing everyones review. thanks for all the support…