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sorry i havent been on, due to a recent car accident everything has been put on hold for me as well as empire strings. but i am getting things back together. nd i will have more string soon, i am terribly sorry for any inconvienience this might have caused for any of you that were supose to test my string, i will make another test post soon… again im so sorry…

(Jesse) #2

I’ll test them out for you if there is still a spot open…What are they made of?


I’ll test as well.

You might want to send some to Dr. YoYo as well.

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i’m sorry to hear about the accident and what i’m sure were subsequent complications. i hope things continue to improve for you.
i was supposed to test. i’d be happy to go ahead and try them out for you still.


Just so you know, Samad didn’t like them.


That’s uplifting…

(Shisaki) #7

If ya want me to test you can PM me and I’ll show you my reviews so you can see the quality of them.

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I would love to try them. Later.

Keep it spinning™


I would be interested in trying them.

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Still workon on gettin things back to order… I’m back online now… Will be making string shortly… And frankly who cares what samad thinks… And I believe he got the old style anyways… I Have a whole new style of twisting…


Sorry for your accident. Hope everything is getting back to normal, as much as it can.

I would be willing to test your string to give you some feedback, hopefully good. :wink:

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The real set back was the lap top… In the car… It’s a pain trying to get around with no car…


I’d love to try! I was hoping to try one the first time around, here is my latest review

And I hope your all right!

(Shisaki) #15

I would try to. I have at least 5 reviews on string and all of them people said were good, PM me if you want to see them.


Then why did you want me to test?

You’re strings were horrible, btw.

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Did I get the old or the new style, because I really didn’t like mine either.

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Were these posts necessary?
Please don’t spam.

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and pretty much everyone on here got the first, crappy style unless you bought some from. my online store…