Impire string?

Anyone tried it or is the guy making it even selling them?

I don’t know i said i would test it for them. Gave them my address and everything but they never sent me any. I haven’t herd anything about the string scenic. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Look at that link on page 3-4.

I got them. I didn’t like 'em though.

What was bad about them? Later.

Keep it spinning™

I got a PM back in…April.

He was supposed to send me a sample pack… never got it though.

i was supposed to get a Test pack to try em’ out, but he never shipped them to me, i got a pm saying he had a tooth thing going on. after that i pm’d him a few times and he never responded. :’(

Ya, if that’s how he treat costemers I would never buy anything from him. When was the last time he was even on? :-\

Not real customers though. But it’s a real let-down when he says he’s sending you string and you never get them.

It’s pretty much the same thing, we were doing a favor for him by writing a review on his strings.

Too thin. Binded horribly. Had a sticky feel, and was too unresponsive.

Do you happen to have some more?
That strings sounds good for me, shoot me a PM.

I gave them all away.

Darn, oh well, I’m good with YYE strings.