Yo yo strings


If anybody is looking for yo yo strings i know where you can get em in any color you want and at a really good price. Just go to www.empirestrings.webs.com. Just talk to mr empire and he will be able to tell you about their yo yo strings. They just got the site up and are looking for some testers so they can get feedback, if you are interested just contact them.


Per Pack?

More info Please



My brother and his friend are the creators of the strings so i dont know all of the info but if u go to the site u can talk to mr empire and hes the guy u wana talk to. He’ll be able to tell u everything u need to know.


Why did you make 3 threads? Stop spamming. Also, we have ape7566 as our dealer here :slight_smile: Plus, we don’t know ANYTHING about your string. ape7566 used testers and got honest feedback, but we dont know yours, so we dont know if they are good or not.


Sorry i didnt know. And ya i know you dont know anything bout them so once again sorry bout that i should put up more info bout them and i will as soon as i get…im not the one hat makes the strings my bro is so i dont know everything bout them. Plus they just got the site put up and their looking for testers so they can get some feed back on them.

(JonasK) #6

If they care to ship to NORWAY

(Mark) #7

I would love to test but I just started three weeks ago. :frowning:

(JonasK) #8

If they care to ship to Norway. I would be pleased to test any products.


I dont see why they couldnt ship them there but you would have to ask them.

(Mark) #10

What do you mean by they? Aren’t you part of the string sales? I mean it is your brother making them. Are you helping him?

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my strings come in ten packs right now… i make them custom as well… so really the stats are up to you, im selling them for really cheap… order some today!!!


BTW Samad, anyone can post here. You don’t own these forums, so stop telling people what to do. If someone wants to promote their product…THEY CAN. Once again, if Andre has a problem with it, he’ll put a stop to it.


well ape7566’s strings are 2.75 for a 10 pack and she has tested them
so its hard to trust your strings


and samad I aggre with oldschool
you tell everyone what to do and act like you are a moderator but you say you dont want to be one
and I found that you disagree with every single one of my ideas


The ape7566 thing was a joke.

Also, I was saying that we dont know about his string yet, so it would be wise to get testers. If you guys wish for me to stop doing something, PM’s work to. You dont have to publicize it on the forums. If you want me to stop posting, I’ll try to do you a favor, and stop.

I used to come onto YYE because I was tired of getting flamed on other forums. This was my getaway place. Things change I guess…


here are two reviews of his string.
I do not like having to cross forum post but these are what I know of.

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and you guys are actually right, i have not had anyone on this site test my string yet, that is because i want to be here for the community as well not just my strings, i have had testers on other sites, and i will release some to some testers on this site soon as well. and thank you yoyoman, for posting my reviews…


What do you mean by they? Aren’t you part of the string sales? I mean it is your brother making them. Are you helping him?-

Im still learning and i mean THEY are the ones that are currently making the strings my brother is still showing me how to and stuff lyk that so no i am NOT making the strings right now.

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Ah. Ok. I was confused on that part. lol.

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What mage is trying to say is: what post are you referring to lexii, because your post don’t seem to fit with the post right before you. So please explain your post and don’t take this as yelling (some people do) because it’s not. We just want to know what you are saying.