Different Types of String and their Companies

Hey Folks, got a simple question; I’d like to know of all the companies currently making yo-yo string and if it is permissible to tell me, where I can get some of their strings.

New project of sorts :slight_smile:


NOTE: When I say another website, or his site. The reason I do that is cause here at yoyoexpert, it is against the rules and considered disrepectfull to link to another store. I can only give you their forum name, so you can PM them. Or, I can write out the links to their bst thread. If they have one on this site. But it takes to long to post, so your gonna have to PM them for the link. I have tried all the string below unless otherwize stated.

Chaos String-Made by Uncle Freak (I think that’s his forum name) on another forum. They sell his string on his website and another website

G String-Made by I forget his forum name. But in his avatar it has the G string logo. You can order his string on his website

YYE Polys-they are sold here in the yoyoexpert store in bulks. Regular poly.

Highlights-sold at another yoyo store Regular poly.

Gator Floss String-Made by… I forget his name… Sorry. He sells his string on his website

Snack Time String-Made by… I forget his name… Sorry again. He sells his string on his website

Airglow String-By Gizzyo, he is on these forums. He makes and sells his home made string. I don’t know if you would consider this a string “company” though. He sells his home made string. I haven’t tried these, but I hear great things about them. To order PM him, and ask him for his BST thread on his string prices, and formats.

#82 String-Jeromy K. makes string for Generalyo, and for PM orders. But to order, he does sell his Kelvar String here on the site. Or like I said, PM him to order.

Sick String-Made by me. Like I mentioned about Airglow String, I am not really considered a string “company.” I just make my hand made string and sell them to people. I have a lot of different formats to sell to people, and I’ve had really good comments on my string. My string bst thread will pop up if you click on my signature. I take PM orders.

There are a ton of other string companys, or home brew string makers out there. These are just a few off of the top of my head. Hope that helped. :wink:

James Reed

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Alchemy I think it is nylon, or a blend of nylon? Its different, I know that. It is sold on another website.

I am #82 Yo-Yo String. If you need something let me know.

You can post link to other stores as long as yoyoexpert does not sell the product you are linking to.

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Ah, thanks Paolo, forgot about that. Right now I’m kinda too lazy to add all the links though. :smiley:

SnackTime String-http://yoyopower.m49productions.com/
G String-http://www.yoyogstring.com/
Dont Think i should put the link to highlights on here…
Gator Floss-http://www.gatorfloss.com/
Chaos String-http://www.chaosyoyos.com/index.php?myStep=sPage&pg=home
I think i got everything and everyone that hasnt been linked.

Buttered Threads sold by CaliBuddha (Not yet I do not believe.)
General Yo makes string. Kitty string is available…

Onedrop Basics- regular poly. sold at… well Highspeedyoyo.com and the onedrop site

I am General Yo’s supplier

There is also Buddy Jim’s Nor Cal Inspired Strings. You can get some just by sending him a PM. Like James said, its homemade string and not really a company, but they are still awesome. :slight_smile:

As I was reading this thread I was wondering if I was ever gonna get mentioned. So if I may ask WHACHA DOING? PM me for any of my stuff if you want.

Also I didn’t see “Angel Hair” listed.

I dont know how i forgot to add you onto my link list. Im using your strings right now on my main throw, Northstar. They are awesome.