"Boss Cases," Nor Cal Inspired String,"and I still got "Bearing Restorations"

I have decided to throw a pair of cases up on my Buy sell trade. So enjoy them. First up is computer bag with a little foam insert, and nice pouch for holding all the extra string and stuff you want to cart around with you. I think rather than make this page crash worthy I’ll post some pics in the show off section. It’s new foam fresh cut, and I think I need a little bit of practice, all the same yoyos look awesome in this case. Edit I did a little work on the cases, and now I have the foam in this bag is red with a black splash, and I found some patches that were an awesome price so I made the bag look awesome

Then I got something the true “Dumb and Dumber” fans are gonna love. SAMSONITE I was way off. That’s right a hard cover Samsonite Brief case that helps you look like a Boss when you tote your throws around. It can hold 18 regular sized yoyos 4 off String yoyos, and if take the foam underside out then you can hold 36. EDIT The foam in this case is a blue with orange splash. New pictures should be in the show off thread soon.
Here’s a sample

Click the link for the rest.
Stock is about 15 Mendos right now NORMAL CONDITION

TO FIND OUT ABOUT BEARING WORK Go to http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,30367.0.html

Hello there I am Buddy Jim. For a while I have been Making my own string, and I would like to think that I am getting pretty decent at it. Here’s what I have to offer.


Humboldt Honey This string is all Polyester and is made in many styles Blends, Combos, Big Bearing, Small Bearing. With that in mind it is very Versatile. Pm me your preferences, and I can set you up with something to suite your style.

Mendocino Moma Another All Polyester, and it is fairly similar to the Humboldt Honey, but it only comes in one color or I may throw in one accent thread to give it better balance.

Del Norte Double Wide This string is thick. It plays on low response throws, but I don’t recommend using it on small bearing throws. Still the thickness makes it really tough. I have only broken one of them since I have started making them.

Sonoma Valley Girl This string is my absolute pride and joy. It can be high maintenance, but it is very worth it. If you are in a quiet enough place you can actually here a whoosh from doing whips. It’s made with a combo of metallic nylon thread, and polyester.

Sollano Sweetness Currently being retooled, but I’m excited to get it back on the market soon.
Triangle Cop This string used to be the ? ? ? string (for those that have followed me since the beginning), but after a few modification I finally think this string is ready to join the the rest of my strings. It’s made with a unique Polyester brand so it’s colors are very limited. Pm me if you want know what I have on hand.

Yolo Fox This string is not for anyone without gloves or really good callouses, but it will whip like you can’t believe. I have received feedback that it feels thick so I can make a thinner version upon request. Color schemes are fairly limited.

Truck Driving Girl Love it. This new string whips almost like a yolo with the softness of a Humboldt. It comes in super bright colors. I have also found some in Blue Red and Purple not as bright as the stuff pictured, but pretty decent.

Thread types
Thick Plays great on big bearing throws. Does “fuzz” fairly quickly, but it plays great when broken in. Generally threads pop when this string is wearing out. Don’t play it if you have more than one popped thread.
ThinPlays great on most bearing options, but generally needs good response. (By this I mean pads that fit the throw and will grad the string easily when you bind. It plays pretty well and does allow for good whips and laceration moves. When this thread wears out it will discolor feel thinner and become wire like. Change the string before it snaps since you wont pop just one thread.
Triangle Much like thick you may want to go with big bearing throws, but this does get along with small bearings fairly nicely. It feels softer than thick, and does fuzz up, but not as much. Colors will be somewhat limited (RED, WHITE, BABY BLUE, and DARK GREEN)(Only colors available in this format PERIOD)You may see a popped thread, but for the most part the string will just feel ratty when you need to change it.
MaximumThe newest to my polyester arsenal is the Maximum thread. It fits right in between the Thick and Thin string as far as size, and is softer than Triangle. The color scheming on the brighter colors is greatly enhanced. I believe the company actually dies the string in a brighter die rather than washing out a darker color. I have only been able to use it for a little while, but it plays great, and seems to only fuzz a little bit. I will update with how to when to change the string when I get the symptoms.
Core The super soft material that goes into Emerald Triangle and makes up the New School Sonoma’s. This stuff frays only a tiny bit, and is so soft. More research is needed on my end before I can really rank it, but if you see this stuff pop a thread change the string.
SECRET STASH will only be used in Mendocino Moma’s upon special request. 5 strings for $5. The absolute king of strings hands down. Little to no Fuzz at all, and it feels like a new string after days of use.
Others Truck Driving Girls have a material that is waxy, and is not really used in anything other than truck driving girls corrupt thread is used in Triangle Cops, and is very rough, and generally does not break. Yolo type Nylon is very tough, and with age will loose it waxy look. With any of these threads look for loss of waxy look and feel. Change any string that is worn in, or discolored, as that is a sign that the waxy coat has completely worn off. (This applys to all threads listed under Others only)

Custom packs are totally cool with me just pm me and I can set you up with a price in the mean time.
5 pack of Humboldts [$2]
5 pack of Mendos [$3]
5 pack of Del Nortes [$3]
5 pack of Sonomas [$3]
4 pack of Retooled Sollanos [$3]
5 pack of Triangle Cops [$3]
5 pack of Yolos [$3]
4 pack of Unnamed [$3]


Here are some of the reviews made for my strings

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,19021.0.html (Humboldt Mendo and Sonoma)
(Humboldts [customizable]
(Not much yet, but he has most of my strings so when it’s done you’ll get an idea of what my string is like in general.)[PS it’s funny to think that there is an unboxing video of my stuff.]
And finally
(Humboldts Reviewed. I know there in about every other thread listed, but this Q’s review. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that.)
Want to see more pics go to

New Review from yoyo jake check it out

idont like that review!


nice review and cool string.

Mega Anouncement
xminusmikex is going to be putting my string on his yoyos.


he does make some nice fhzs

That is exactly how I felt when I put it on my FHZ.

Anyone looking for a great home-grown string, these are were its at!!!


Waiting for some reviews, but I am thinking I will be introducing an EXTRA CRANK set of strings. They will be better at whipping, and lower response. Also I am introducing the idea of Huskey or Extra huskey Huskey= 2 extra thread extra = another 2. Mainly with extra crank I feel like they start to get too thin so I usually make Huskey EXTRA CRANK.

With EXTRA CRANK I will have
Humboldts Honeys (EC)
Del Norte Double Wide (EC)
Mendocino Moma (EC)
and my newest addition Triangle Cop (This one only comes with the extra crank. This string was the ? ? ? I finally figured out what to do with it. It’s set up different and everything.)

I also have a new addition to set of strings the Yolo Fox. This string is MEGA WHIPY. You will want to have gloves… or REALLY TOUGH HANDS. For this string, but I love using this string for whips LOVE IT.

these are the ones i want lmk Sollano Sweetness Sonoma Valley Girl Humboldt honey

Hit me up with a PM, and we’ll talk prices.

Go do work (BUMP)

OK, I have to vouch for this guy. I got a few strings to test(For free…thank you Jim) and they where amazing. Great work. (I got my reveiw up too)

Buddy Jim has some awesome string!

If you like string that keeps good tension and is generally awesome Humbolts are right up your alley!

His unamed string (which was called Truck Driving Girls when I got them) are very fast and whip hard. You need to slow it down to play this stuff.

I will be writing a full review with a video in the next couple of months, I’m just really busy with school to set aside filming time and writing time.

But take it from me, this guy’s string is legit and not to be missed.

And this is why they come with one of my FreeHand Mikey’s ;D

Thank you both for your kind words. Oh and thanks for the heads up max I thought I had already changed the thread here to say truck driving girl string. Well live learn and find a computer that works.

Also I guess now is as good a time as ever to open sales for the Emerald Triangle. And Rio trio. Curious about em Pm me for details, or wait for my crazy self to find a computer that will actually let me update the thread.

I just wanted to thow in a quick statement or two about Buddy Jim and his string. I have ordered from him twice and could not be happier with the results. I’ve been in this world of yo-yoing for a year now and still have a lot to learn especially about my preferences. I explained my skillset and listed the throws I have and he came up with the types of strings he thought I would like and he was spot on.

The second time I went to him I was hoping he could help me with some Mighty Flea strings as they appear to be hard to find. He had never done any like tht so we talked about what little I knew about strings for a tiny yo-yo and he came up with 3 different styles for me to test out. Each one was very good in it’s own right so I placed an order for what I needed.

I’ve shipped a couple of his strings with trades I’ve made and have been asked where I got them because they are durable and quite smooth! If you have any specific questions for me please feel free to PM me.

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Bump, and check out these Mendos

Buddy Jim’s No longer on Hiatis. Nothing in stock right now, but I can take custom orders, and I never take a hiatis without coming back with something. Just stumbled into this idea. Truck Driving Core strings. (Not the name just a descriptor. It’s a fusion of Truck Driving Girls, Humboldt Honeys. Peace.

no offense to anyone, but i hate it when people make strings and sell like 10 for 5 bucks