If you want to unload some cheaper throws we might do some amazing business.

All the stuff listed on this page is about a $84 value.
You may also notice all the new products now have a big boy holster attached to them as a gift to customers. If you want one with each pack of 20 that can be a thing, or I’ll give one extra of some kind of string straight out of my own stash. Enjoy.
Hey there just a heads up since this has been coming up a lot with quite a few people I need to remind folks that I have one big rule.

That’s right I just sell what I have. It’s the business strategy that has worked so well for me.

Quick review on who I am.
I was going under the name Nor Cal Inspired string, back before I really had anything stick, for the longest time, but I have recently decided that with a change in business direction I changed my company name to Boss hence the case.
Rolling out the M series, and I have a little pre existing, and then I just got some M30s spun. I have some Red and I just moved a chunk of Blue.
All packs are sets of 20 for $4 I will list if it is different, and I will also try to list when they are just $4. If you don’t see a price just assume it is $4.

Now then on to the sales


I stumbled across a very nice thread that I feel makes great strings. It is a cotton polyester blend that sort of reminds me of dual duty xp all purpose poly. It’s not quite like that, but I feel it is closer than your average polyester. This thread however costs so much less. It’s only an additional penny per string so I just charge the same as All Poly Strings. I highly recommend these strings.

1 Pack of Grey with some Light blue highlights. Possibly Metal Economy I will update soon on that.
Then I have a mix of Grey with red and black, and grey with blue, and I think black. (It is no fun having your home computer down.)
1 Pack of Steelers inspired Economy (Black and Yellow accents) ($4)
1 Pack of Rusteez Economy (Brown with Orange Accents) ($4)

1 Pack of Goldish stuff Economy 4 Fools Gold (Gold with Neon Yellow) 16 Gold Medals(Gold with Yellow accents)
^Fools Gold ^Gold Medals
1 Pack of White with with Red+Black Accents note these are non metal Economy ($4) *
1 pack of Black with Light Blue accents Economy Economy ($4)
1 pack of Army Green with Yellowish Accents Economy ($4)[Might have sold these over the break.]
1 pack of Red with Yellowish Accents Economy ($4)
1 Pack of White With Yellowish accents Economy($4)* It looks like glow in the dark, but without the glow

I also ask for 2 dollars (Mail prices are insane right now) to ship. If I don’t somehow use both dollars to ship I will reimburse you. Cash prefered, but I can try paypal. If you would like to see my previous work I can hook you up with some pictures no problem.

Once the strings arrive if you’re having problems unraveling the strings refer to this video.

Oh I should also add that I’m not really looking for throws right now, but as my stock gets bigger I may trade for the occasional beater yoyo.

New item BIG BOY yo-yo holsters. Pretty self explanitory it’s a yo-yo holster, and it’s made to be 10 times the size of a yo-yo string. It hooks to your belt loops, and holds the yo-yo. More picks to come. Loads of Colors available. Just ask. ($2)

Check them out here. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,56114.msg574237.html#msg574237 Lots of photo’s I will mention which ones get sold at this spot

Yeah I found a way to just put my whole album up. If a set of string is in stock it’s in stock, but if it’s not you can suggest that I do that pack again. I might be motivated to make it if I know you want it, but don’t expect to just be made

As always

Bump Pink Coral, and Orchid Polys are almost ready, along with a red Economy pack as well.

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Only thirteen packs left, and I haven’t been making as many strings as I like.

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