Fs:cuztom yoyo strings with review Lf:spr's, ct bearings,fiesta, fhc and fhz's

Hi my name is jake and i make cuztoms yoyo strings, they are all 100% poly or 50/50 and come in packs of 10, they are great for: whips, slacks, suicides, etc… i would like a money order or paypal and i dont start making them till i get the money.
here is the review: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,18504.msg185445.html#msg185445

here are my formats:

abc 123- this is my standered 100% poly string $4 shipped

tighty whities- these are 100% poly but are twisted extra tight for great play $4 shipped

old school- these are 100% cotton, simple as that $5

off string’s funnest- these strings are extra thick for great off string play 100% poly $6

mixing it up-these are 50/50 strings aand play great

mystery- these strings are really strechy and what not- only color is red $4.50

susan g. komen strings:if you dont know she has the breast cancer foundation and these are 70%poly/30% cotton the come in the color combo of pink and white and for every 10 pack i sell of these ill give $2 to the foundation, please if you care about people buy these awesome strings and help find the cure $4

colors(poly): light blue, neon green, neon orange,pink,white,black,dark green,red
colors(cotton): white

i also sell m4x.7 axles at custom lenths
18mm&under= $1 shipped
19mm and up=$1.75

pm me thanks

you bump but honestly you think somebody will trade a 100 - 75 dollar metal for strings? even if its beaten. You could easily go buy 100 strings instead of trading a 100 dollar yoyo for 75 strings.

Just my $0.02 cents

idc about the 888x or any of them i just want a hetic the most

hey i have an 888x i would sell for like 75

im broke and as the title says i need money


The link doesn’t work!!!

now it should

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