http://i580.photobucket.com/albums/ss249/empirestrings/LOGO.jpgMy high quality handmade yoyo strings are now for sale!

My yoyo strings are all hand made by, yours truly. There are plenty of colors to mix and match. Because each batch is made to order, you can combine any of the colors listed to make your string unique. I make them super long, so that all you have to do is tie a loop, and cut them to length. I did this due to the fact that I have even received string that was just way to short for me to play with successfully.
I’m selling the strings for the cheap price of 3.00 USD per 10 pack, and that is shipped. International yoers, all you have to do is add 1.00 USD for shipping. The maximum order you can put in is for 20 strings, this is due to the high demand. As well as the time it takes to make the strings, each one is made individually to order.

I have many colors to choose from. And if I don’t have the color you are looking for I will try to find it for you.

Creamsicle- orange multi color
Money- green multi color
Purple berry- purple multi color
Jade- turquoise
Neon green
Neon pink
Neon orange
Neon yellow
Neon purple
Fire- multi color
John green
Burnt orange
Puke- multi color


In my opinion, my yoyo strings play remarkably well, they last a long time, they whip, slack, and suicide all day long without any trouble. They hold their tension, and the best part is the more you play with them, the better they become. The only reason for changing them so far is they get dirty somehow, well there are also knots. But they last a long time.

I am also playing with new materials all the time, trying to come up with better styles or materials. It’s all in experimentations, and help from you, the community. So I hope you try my string, and happy throwing.

When I run outta string and/or you can mass-produce (Or sell more at once) i will get a ton…

hmm what are they made out of. ???

Wanted to try different string for a while

Though never ordered from a person though :-\

they are 100% poly, they play awsome.

i would like buy a couple packs, just let me know sometime.

I sent you a PM, let me know if you’re interested in selling to me cuz im interested in buying.

how long does it usually take to ship a 20 pack?

i yoyo

take that back, i want to buy and will buy asap