fs homemade yoyo string

hi andrew here from radioactive yoyo string me and a buddy are making home made string
5 pack 2.00
25 pack 6.00
100 pack 11.00
you choose up to 3 colors for one string any color you want
so want not buy from the best

Wow…sooooo many things.

-Do prices include shipping?
-Do you have pictures of your product?
-How long are the strings?
-Do they come with a loop already tied?
-What makes you and your buddy the “best”?
-Do you have any reviews of your product?
-WHY should we buy these strings?
-What are they made out of?
-What color options are available?
-You’re not known on this forum, how can we trust you?

Tip: proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall sentence structure makes you sound somewhat intelligent (though that depends on the content of what you’re writing). The more intelligent you sound, the more likely you are to attract business.

i have pics of the string can send it to you and shipping depends on were it s being shipped

I’m not interested in your string, I’m just saying what you should do.

Also, unless you’ve only got three working fingers, don’t type like that.

Completely agree with all the above. You should likely modify your post to include all these things. I’m looking to buy some string (as to sample) and then hopefully if I can find some I like, I’d be interested in buying in bulk. Just need ALL those answered.