So my first string finally broke today. it depressed me because i don’t have any more on me…is there any stores, walmart, kmart, etc. that would possibly sell string? or should i just order it off of here, and what’s a good string for a DM? or is there any specific?

I guess it will be easier if you just order here. Any string basically works, but I prefer 100% Polyester.

Well you may want to check toysrus they often carry yoyo good, but as for normal everyday needs polyesters are cheap. If you are looking for more advanced string look into something like airglow.

Yeah AirGlow!

I would say get some 100% polyester to start off. Once you get better, and more advanced there are some Homebrew String makers on the forum that you might want to PM. For Example: Gizzyo(me) does AirGlow String, Jamesofyoyo makes Sick String, Metal man makes whip string and so on.

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i would reccomend whip yoyo string the vital has lasted me a month and it is 1$ a string.

The highlights are soft and durable…

I would reccomend some standard issue YoyoExpert 100% poly string to start with. A great advanced string is AirGlow, and we are working on making strings to work well with different styles of play and speed, so we sould have something that works for you

100% polyester is good, but I prefer 50/50
Here is some string

I recommend the slick polyester, cotton string, or the 100% polyester. I still wish that they sold Yoyofactory Polyester here, my all time favorite string!!!

i would reconmend whip yoyo string! it is really awesome!!! and last really long!

How’s it awesome?

dont get it from toy stores or anything like that because they rip you off. get it from yye or some other online site.

100% poly string I guaranty it will be the best string you’ve ever had or my name isn’ 8)t yobro

That’s actually your preference. Some people may not like it that much, but I LOVE IT.

You could also buy top end string from adults with legit websites for the same prices. G-string, Chaos, Snacktime, and Gator Floss (when available).

why those those are expincive and thiss is a legit website and yay 500 post

They are not any more EXPENSIVE than the others, and yes this is a legit FORUM and great place to b/s/t. The others I listed are more secure, more experienced, and have proven to be in it for the long haul, not just until the Jr High camping trip when girls(or boys, whatever) get discovered.

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they are to more expensive $7 for 10 gstrings and thats not expensive

Everything I listed goes for 5 bucks per 10-13 strings. you think no one else charges shipping? Now be smart and $tfU, jake, unless you check your facts first. SNACKTIME!(5 bucks a dozen, SHIPPED)

ok now hold up im not spending $5 on ten strings when i can get 100 for like 15 so u can shut your mouth little know it all