How to get the yoyos you want

OK PEEPS! Yes I know this is like my third thread this week but this one is important. So many of you guys have been complaining about parents not giving you the yoyos you want or not getting enough money INCLUDING ME! Well hopefully this thread will teach you some stuff on how to get yoyos on your own. I am gonna be saving up for a Genesis, Protostar, and 200 string. I have no job (yet) and get 4$ a week from my parents. And I am gonna show you that you dont need to rely on your parents money or a job to get yoyos. Now this might take a while to complete but I am gonna get it done. Cause I am really really REALLY sick of just sitting on my couch wishing I had some more yoyos (which I can’t complain because I got some really nice ones). So every 2 week I am gonna show you my progress and tell you what I did to earn money. These threads will be called THE YOYO GOAL Ep. (whatever). Also note that I will not be using any money from my Birthday or Christmas to help me save up for my yoyos. The only money I am using is the money I work for. This is to show you guys that I can buy these without using “free money” (excludes allowance cause I only get 4 bucks).
In this thread I am gonna show you guys how to prepare for a mission like this so enjoy!

So before you do this, just know that having expensive yoyos WILL NOT make you better. And is not necessary to compete with. Look at Jensen Kimmitt and Grant Johnson. They used plastic yoyos for a lot of contest and won. So just know that you don’t need expensive yoyos to be good, just practice.

Now first thing you want to do is obviously set a goal for yourself. But make sure you keep it realistic and possible, for example:
Goal 1 (good):
YoYos: ILYY Fury and a YYF Big Deal.
Time Limit: 6 Months

Goal 2 (bad):
YoYos: YYF Dv888, Protege, 2010 Severe, Protostar, YYJ Trinity, Fiesta, and a Y-Factor
Time Limit: 4 Months

You see, Goal 2 is way too much in way to little time. And even to get that amount of money to save up for all those yoyos would take a really long time. Goal 1 had a reasonable time for the amount of yoyos.
So my Goal that I set was to buy a Genesis, Protostar, and 200 count of Poly String. And I plan to have that sometime near March of Next Year. All together this will cost about 151$ Including shipping. Now if I go over or under my time limit it is ok. The time limit is just a place marker.

YoYoFactory Genesis - 85.00$
YoYoFactory Protostar - 35.00$
100 Count Yellow Poly String – 13.00$
100 Count Yellow twisted Poly String – 13.00$
Total 151$

Step 2:
Now the next step is to prepare. Once you have your goal in your head, right it down first on a piece of paper or word document. On that, then write out everything on how you expect to get to that goal. For Example: While getting my allowance, I am gonna go around my neighborhood and ask for work. Also I am going to ask Granny if I can pull her weeds.;- Don’t worry, you can add and take stuff off this list as time passes.
Then (if you want) take a piece of poster board, or something similar, and draw either a graph of a “thermometer” For me I used a light colored poster board thingy that I found (See below for pic). Draw out all your goals, Encrements, and what not and write next to it exactly what you want to have accomplished. And walah! After put it in your room somewhere you can see it every day to remind you of your goal. And put a piggybank or something under it so you can put your money in it.

Step 3:
Tell people about your goal. Your parents, friends, siblings, everybody. Letting them know will get them on it and allow them to help you through it. Although don’t make them feel you are just asking them for money.

So after this you are pretty much done for preparing. Now just keep a look out for any jobs or opportunities. Make sure to see some vids of the throws you want ESPECIALLY unboxing vids. Those will get you real inspired to save.

Below is some pics of me doing the steps above.
Well, wish me luck guys and tell me what you think!

Edit: My computer is being weird so no pics available right now. My bad. I think its because I wrote too much.

Total money saved: 3.57$

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I sense a sticky…

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This is a awesome thread! :slight_smile:

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ehem. The following is all you need to get the yoyos you want:

A hammer
A person with the yoyos you want.

Step 1: Approach said person.

Step 2: Make casual conversation.

Step 3: In casual conversation, bring up the fact that you have a hammer.


Great post Kei.


very cool :wink:

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Sticky Sticky Stickaaaaaaaaay!!!

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LOL Yeah.

I say that my way becomes option two. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw which yoyos do you have

I have a legacy, Die-nasty, Hatrick (which took me forever to pay off), a flying panda, and a FHZ. So as I said above I can’t complain on the yoyos I have already. I am just showing everybody that they dont need everybody else to fund their yoyo buying addictions.

And Q’s way officially becomes OPTION TWO!!!

A while ago, my mom offered me $100 to wash every window in the house. This takes forever because every window has to be washed 3 times to make sure it’s extra clean. I saw a BOSS at the Ohio State contest for $50 and told my mom that if she got me the BOSS, I’d wash all the windows for $40. She left for a vacation, when she gets back, if the windows aren’t clean, I lose all of my yoyos until they are clean. So… there’s $40.

My neighbor also asked me to help mulch their yard for $8. They forgot to pull weeds. I’ve been mulching for over 10 hours in the past 2 days. There’s over $80 with at least 2 more hours to go.

Always be looking for opportunities to work. If necessary, do what I did for the first one and force yourself to work. I got a yoyo, but if I don’t do the job, I lose my yoyos until the job is done. It’s forcing yourself to quit being lazy and make money.

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BINGO! Thanks dude for posting that!

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good job but the problem for me is just getting my dad to buy online i have benn trying for the past week to get some things for $20 online no luck

If your dad doesn’t feel comfortable with buying online then suggest to get a prepaid visa, put whatever money on it, then buy. Thats what my family did.

I feel lucky to have gotten into yoyo’s at a somewhat older age than most. I am 24 and didnt get into yoyoing until about 5 months ago. The first 2 months I was yoyoing I bought a Legacy, X-convict, Plastic Grind Machine and Protostar. The next 2 months I bout a 888x and a YYF G5 and Fiesta. Ah I love having a big boy job and being about to buy a yoyo every 2 weeks ;D


Nice i just work a ton and make money that way after bills are done theres my yoyo fund ;D