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I really have no ways of getting new throws due to my parents not really caring and income. So I have a question, how do you guys/girls get throws without buying or trading?

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to honestly tell you, save up some money or get a job or something… I haven’t gotten to that stage, mainly because I started 3 months ago, but ti’s the thought that counts


I just focus on my yoyoing and not look at the BST/stores. So I don’t get temptations of buying new yoyos. Assuming you have enough to last you for a long time, if you really have no money I don’t know why you’d want something you can’t afford as of yet.

But to answer your question. You can try recycling. There are lots of ways, actually. Money is lying everywhere, you just gotta be creative on how to pick it up :]

Good luck.


Stick with the yoyo you currently have. Its about the yoyoer, not about the yoyo.



Simply put:
Legally speaking, you can’t. If you’re not trading something for goods, then unless it’s been “gifted” to you, it’s stealing. But, we’re talking definition. Boring stuff.

Without some method of exchange, you’re relying on charity of others. Don’t. Look under the sofa cushions, recycle cans, bottles, paper, whatever. There’s places that hand over cash for recyclables. Do things to reduce your waste and consumption. I could use a paper bag for lunch for a week, sometimes two. Plastic ziplock bags can be rinsed and re-used a few times. Find ways to make or earn money.

Now, let’s assume you’ve saved up a wad of cash, now your issue is “how do I transport this if what I want to purchase is not readily available”. Well, that’s where the problem lies. Sending cash through the main can be a pain and hazardous. Money orders are safer but come at a cost(often less than a dollar).

ALSO, research options that allow you to save on annoying items like shipping.

Lastly, people have mentioned stick with what you have. I agree, within reason. If you’re trying to learn string tricks on a modified yoyo, or a responsive yoyo, you may in fact need to look for different equipment. Right tools for the job and what have you. Even so, there’s plenty of amazing stuff out there under $20. Lyn Fury, Speed Maker, Kickside, Asteroid, PSG, Stackless Grind Machine, Starbright, Classic, Whip, ONE, Techno2. Most loopers are under $20, and I recommend the Unleashed. You can even get a 5A set for under $10 depending on if it’s on sale(Freakhand) and there’s also the Pinnacle. ProZ is sweet and often can be had at under $10 LOCALLY as well and goes from modified to wing shape quickly with all included parts. Heck not to push Magic YoYos, but if the timing is right, the T5 and T6 can be had SHIPPED for under $12(each). Quality doesn’t need to break the bank.

As long as you have an appropriate yoyo, you’re fine. Stock up on strings or learn to make your own. Learn how to silicone a yoyo since I have a feeling when you wear out your response, you’re gonna be kinda at a loss unless you’re willing to learn this skill.


Well, I would have to agree with Studio. Find ways to save money. Have you seen that thread about the Yoyo Money Contest? Everybody is guessing how much money is in the jar, and Total Artist (owner of jar) then takes all the change in it and spends it on yoyos.

So basically save cans, and you can turn those in for money. Look between couch cushions, and check the change receptical on vending machines. Eventually save up and you could get a yoyo like the DV888 or protostar.

Oh and by the way, learn to make string. If you want more info. message me.


I know this is a yoyo forum, but…

Get into other hobbies? There are other skill toys out there that are way cheaper than yoyos. Perhaps…learn how to juggle. Or become a hacky sack master. Or myachi. Or learn a bunch of card tricks.
Chea. ;D

Or you could just get a job, d00d. :o


save up birthday money, walk dogs, babysit, mow lawns. you will eventually be able to save up over $100. don’t buy something then though, I would continue to just save an stick with the yoyo you have right now until you have enough to buy a yoyo and still have money left.


I have my own little company kinda long story short I sell wire jewelry and sell I get around 70 bucks after one day of selling plus when the fair comes around I enter artwork and other stuff that and I buy yoyos with my own money that and I wait for my birthday to roll around because I always get money then plus I will be taking a babysitting course so that means I will be babysitting too!


I save up allowances and ask my dad to order me something, it’s super hard to convince him to do it though.
I’d get a job but I’m only 13 so…






to the OP: what are your skills? are you a musician, an artist, an athlete? anything that would get you some side cash. also, look into odd jobbin’. not as bad as it sounds.


if you have a camera try entering some video contest, there is a lot out there. If your not great look for the smaller ones

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I would get a job when you become 14!

My parentals wont let me though :confused:


If you can use Ebay and have a bit of money to spare finding fun/intersting/rare oddities at yard sales and putting them there you can make some decent money. Or you can try in vain like some of us at getting a job that pays regularly. :-\


Save up birthday and/or Christmas money, save up your allowance, recycle bottles and cans, walk dogs, mow lawns, wash cars, shovel snow, babysit, maybe do some extra chores around the house, deliver newspapers/catalogues, etc.

You won’t have to do any of these for a particularly long time. There are plenty of amazing throws to be had for around $50 or less. If you’ve got your heart set on something more expensive, you’ll have to work longer.