How do you get your money for throws?

I have a job as a tutor, since I’m still 16, I can spend my entire paycheck on throws. Sadly, even though it’s my money, my parents won’t allow it (because I have to use their credit card)
Anyway, how do you guys do it?

I have earned and saved it.

FYI Visa GIft cards are a wonderful thing… (Wink)

I acquire most of my yoyos through careful buying, selling, and trading.

Wife and I have a fiscally responsible plan set up whereby we each get “funny money” every two weeks. I can spend it however the heck I want with nary a cocked eyebrow; I choose to spend a bunch of it on yoyos. :smiley:

Remember, a whole heap of us don’t need (much, hahah!) permission to waste spend our dough on throws. :wink:

I work for it mostly, and I have been known to sell my sick time at work for throw money.  I have only done that once though. But, I got an extra week of vacation this year.  I am tempted to sell that extra week for cash and go at it again.  But, I could use that week off so…dilemma dilemma.  But, I’m also known to be a very active Ebay seller, so I am known to sell things I do not use as much and flip it to buy yo-yos or other things I’d rather have instead.  I’m an electronics geek and have a little music home studio, so there is always something I have for sale around here.  I don’t sell many of my yo-yos, but I have sold and traded a small number of them toward other throws.

Some of you may remember that change jar I started last year, emptying change from my pockets each day.  I filled it up and had $210 to spend on yo-yos.  It is taking me too long to fill it up again because I’m using my debit card too much.  I think it will take me until the end of the Summer to fill it up again.  :frowning:

I don’t.

I very rarely buy yoyos.

busking,begging parents,and driving my sister around,other rare occassion with money potential.

And you know being frugal with my cash.

Mowing lawns…

By playing with lasers. :slight_smile:

Working a full time job while still living at home while I attend college makes much of my earnings expendable.

I agree with poster #2 go to seven eleven or another store that sells visa gift cards or something similar… If you have trouble placing the order online call the store and order over the phone using the visa gift card.

Buying and selling old junk on ebay, looking for a job currently

Gift cards are great and all, but I hate having to spend 60 bucks, for every 50 dollars I use, another dilemma is I can’t buy any throws over the price of 68 dollars, due to the highest amount gift card being 75, and shipping for metal throws is flat rate priority ($6.95)
I use gift cards on small purchases, much easier.

Being really good at bartering and selling yoyos :slight_smile:

In total me, my family and relatives spent an approximate total of $250. My collection now is worth over $700 probably!