How do you buy your throw+++++


This topic is for throwers who don’t have a credit card. How do I convince my parents to let me buy a throw that’s more than 75?

This is how to get your parents to use their credit card and you pay them at the checkout! -Bcmaddog-


Give them money, transfer money from bank accounts, work for it.


Do chores for money; help around the house and stuff like that.


Ask to use their credit card, hand them the exact amount of money before using it, then order, show them the receipt.

That way your parents know exactly what is happening, and they get the money upfront.


DO NOT SEND CASH in the mail. Well, that’s not true. There are two reputable BST’ers on here who do things via cash in the mail and I would not hesitate anyone to do business with them. Two good guys with spotless trade records and are darn nice guys. But, it’s not the recipients that end to be the issue, it tends to be the postal system itself. If something happens, that’s when things go bad.

You may wish to look into a money order with a service that can provide some recourse of action in the case there is an issue. Rates can be as low as a quarter. Many places offer such services.

There are also things like Moneygram. I don’t use Western Union because I dislike them, but that’s an issue I won’t get into due to legal reasons.

Credit cards work too, as well as those that work via the various ATM networks.

There are also bank transfers, wire transfers and e-checks. I generally dislike these though, mostly because you can open yourself up to too many headaches.

The thing is, if you’re looking to buy from a merchant, unless you have a credit history with them, expect to pay up front. This is completely normal. Then, when they receive the funds, they will ship.

Be smart, do transactions safely. If you’re looking to buy from YYE, I’m confident they will work with you.


I take my cash to CVS or Walmart. Get it turned into a “Moneypak” for a fee of $4.95. Then, I take that Moneypak card and log into paypal. I “Add Funds” to my account from the Moneypak. Then I buy stuff with paypal. Ez.


you run into a problem if you can’t drive. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do a line of things they know they will say yes to and sneak that in there! That and be extra good to them butter them up and then ask quietly can I get this Yoyo? And not tell them the price or ask for a son discount on a Yoyo! Just kidding what I usually do is give them the cash and say I would like to buy blank Yoyo off YYE.


AH… I guess I forgot to mention you need a Paypal account… which probably means 18+. Sorry kiddies. Hehe


your screwed then


Hey kids, this isn’t how to get your parents to buy you a yoyo, it’s what to do if you don’t have a credit card.

That’s a different topic:


I ask my dad to log into YYE and check out, then hand him cash in the amount owed.


If you have a bank account, which I do, I add stuff to my cart with at least one of my parents watching the process, then have them enter the credit card information and whatnot. Then they take the money out of my bank account. If you do not have a bank account, I just save up enough cash and pay them back.


If you have a brick and mortar store in your area that sells high end yo-yos, buy there instead of online. Otherwise, as suggested above, ask a close family member to use their credit card or Paypal, in exchange for cash. Also, for $4.95, can’t you buy a Visa card at the chain pharmacy, put cash on it, then buy online with that card? It’s usually done for a gift credit card to give to someone, but I know when you’re young, you have to improvise. :-\

If I were in your shoes, I would simply buy a mastercard or visa for about $5, and make the online purchase myself.

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If you have a brick and mortar shop that sells any of your hobbies, buy there instead. It’s a good rule of thumb, kiddos. It’ll be more expensive, but by paying that extra little bit, you are giving yourself somewhere to hang out, meet new people, and possibly even work someday.


So Grand Poohbah, do you know of any brick and mortar stores around our neck of the woods? Because I’ve looked and the closest I have found is maybe Mini-applesauce and the Rocky Mountains.

(Surely Chicago and K.C. has something somewhere, but those still aren’t anywhere near our bailiwick.)

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There aren’t any great shops in Iowa at all. Basically, you have to go to the Twin Cities if you want any sort of high end store.

There’s a shop in one of the malls that sells some of the better duncans, but that’s as good as you’ll get, I’m afraid.




“Get your money for nothin’” :wink:

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And your chicks for free.

I’m still not clear on whether the OP has his own money, or wants a line of credit, or his parents won’t pony up the cash, it if he’s being told he’s not allowed to spend his own money on a $75 yoyo…