I cant buy my own yoyo.

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #1

Ok my parents want me to save my money for christmas. i get 8 dollars a week for allowance so i get 32 dollars a month. i am about to get my sister a present so i think i got onther three months to get a c13 before chrsitmas, but they wont let me buy a c13. what do you thing i say or do to convince them to let me buy one? ???


Show them some of your tricks and tell them you really like yo-yoing.

Do chores (that you are supposed to do) without them asking to show them you are responsible.

Do Chores to make some extra money so you can get a C13 sooner.


my parents bought me a 3 dollar butterfly because they thaught i was just going to brake it and throw it away after they saw i liked it they upgraded me to a legacy so that works good

(Cinimod105) #4

Why won’t they let you get a C13?

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #5

idk they say i can have my own yoyos but they wont let me get any!


You can send cash in a money order to YoYoExpert. You won’t need your parents to do that.

(SR) #7

Yeah, but they will find out somehow you did that… and you’ll get in trouble if they see you got a new yo-yo and you are playing with it. I wouldn’t do it with out your parents permmision… See what I mean?


I guess it depends on what your parents are like, then. Personally, my mom doesn’t ask me about things I get in the mail. Well, except once, but it was my Axiom and I just told her that I won it (which I did).

(Mitch) #9

Give the money to your grandpa and ask him to buy it for you…

Write an essay on why you want/need a c13… If your parents are confronted with a 2-3 page paper and its YOUR OWN money they might change their minds…


Very good idea.

I wrote my dad a very long persuasive essay about me getting a certain yoyo and he said if he had the money, he would buy it for me.


Tell your parents you are willing to work for the money to buy it. Nothing lets a parent know their child will be responsible with something like showing them you are willing to earn it. ask them what you can do around the house to earn extra $.

(Eleazar) #12

I agree for me it works every time.

(Cinimod105) #13

What do you mean?


I really don’t get it either, but I think it means they say he can have what he has, but he can’t get any new ones.

Also probably this situation.

Mom, can I have a new yoyo?
Yeah sure!
Can I buy one tomorrow?

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #15

lol. my parents wont let me get a good yoyo until im expert. im advanced. a cant buy a yoyo over $50 so i can get dark magic and x-convict but nothing good like superstar.


Ask for one for Christmas or just get a cheaper yoyo.


Then just get to expert. It won’t be too difficult.


good point Samad lol

(Infinite Chaos) #19

If it’s your money, why won’t your parents let you buy your own yoyo?!?!?!

Also, like yojishcar said:

If your parents know that you’re responsible, and that you have earned it, or made an effort to earn your C13, then they shouldn’t have a problem with you buying yourself a yoyo.
If your still short on cash, you could always ask your parents if they’d be willing to split the cost, or at least help pay for it (meaning you pay 75% and they pay the remaining 25%, or just do a 50/50)

Hope that might help… :slight_smile:


nothing wrong with a dm or x-vict. Great yoyos, just not METAL!!