money with parents

ok so i am 11 and i waant to take some money out to buy a yoyo. but they wont let me. but the let me take 200 dollars out for an i touch. how can i get them to let me take out 100 dollars. and the buy me yoyos with their money

Well, they want you to save your money for college or whatever. Try just asking them if they will buy you a yoyo. Also, you don’t need a $100 yoyo to be good. If they let you get one, but maybe not as expensive, then take that. When life gives you chocolate, make chocolate cake. (Lemons, lemonaides?)

AAAAHHHH! PARENTS!!! Just make some money yourself and then ask for less money or pay them back.

i dont want want 100 dollar yoyo i need a yoyo a new bearing for my legacy and dark magic and new string

So your parents let you buy an iTouch, but not a yoyo for half the price? When you thought parents were all about ‘the old days’. Not to offend your parents or anything, but when your kid wants a yoyo and an iTouch, you get him the yoyo and let him have fun without an iTouch. That’s just the regular parent decision.

Now you just have to convince in a way you find appropriate. We do not know your parents and the ways they react to things.

You could try to just showcase some of your skills and see if that has any impact on them. But I think that the best way to earn a yoyo would be to do chores for your own parents. If you do a regular job, you get money, but your parents doesn’t get anything. If you do chores for them, you have a chance of getting things while your parents can relax while you do some of their work. And it’s not too hard to mow the lawn, vacuum clean or wash a car. Try it out.

Addment: And tell your parents that most parents would give their child a yoyo instead of an iTouch. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Snaddment: Even though you don’t need a 100 dollar yoyo (Apetrunk), it won’t harm you. In fact, it will probably play pretty good.

thanks guys

Do you have any video games you don’t use anymore? If so, ask your parents if they will help you flog them on eBay, with the understanding that you’ll use the proceeds to buy the yoyo you want. Makes it look more entrepreneurial. :wink:

p.s. I’m a yoyoing parent of a yoyoing kid.

don’t give up in your pursuit to get the 100 dollars.
when you ask them you must make them see your view and get them to understand why you are always asking

Buy a cheaper yoyo at first. Practice. If they see that you take it seriously maybe they won’t have a problem shelling out more cash later on. You could always ask for one as a christmas or birthday present as well.

The harsh reality is that a yoyo is something you should pay for yourself. It’s hard to justify $100 on a yoyo even for me, let alone someone unfamiliar with the yoyo world. Bite the bullet, be patient, and save up some cash. As others said, you don’t need an expensive yoyo to be good. $20 will get you a serious player these days. Good luck.

i dont need a 100 dollar yoyo. i need new bearing which cost like 20 bucks 100 strings witch is 13 dollars shipping and kk pads and stuff like that