What the heck?

(Shisaki) #1

So my parents want me to sell my SvZB quick and she said if I sell it for $80 she will GIVE me $20 so I get all my money back. So if I get the $100 I will be $8 away from getting a Wooly Marmot but she wont let me get one, then she also owes me $5 because she needed it to buy something and she wont give it to me. I’m not mad at her its just ridicoulus that she would GIVE me money to sell something and then not let me buy something and not give me the $5 she owes me. Any ideas on ways to persuade her to let me buy a WM?


Looks like she hates yoyoing and doesn’t want you to have any yoyo’s. Just forget it for now.

(Shisaki) #3

She doesnt hate it at all, she says its good for me to yoyo cuz I wont spend as much time playing video games.


Maybe its because of the facts that you just spent about $3000.00 on Worlds?

(marcusWsteadman) #5

I know parents are a drag. :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes sense. Appreciate what they have done for you already. You don’t need another yoyo yet. You have 4 metals.

(JM) #7

Still, it’s his money. Not all of it came from his parents. Who cares how many yo-yos someone has? Most of us want more.

He spent $180 b-t-dub, lol

(Shisaki) #8

Actually none of it came from my parents, it was all B-day or christmas money or money put into my bank.


Maybe she’ll let you get a used Wooly Marmot if you can get it cheaper? I don’t know.


Wait, $300 or $3000? I thought it was about $300

(JonasK) #11

Your parents are doing nothing wrong. It seems to me that you’ve gotten a lot of yoyos lately and you got to go to worlds. Thank your parents.


He said 3-4 thousand in the chat a while back I think.


My parents never told me what I can or can’t do with MY money. I don’t tell my kids that either. Its their money, they can spend it on what they want. I see a control issue here.


My parents say “Buy whatever you want its your money, but no more Pokemon cards! All they do is lay around the house!” lol


They’re just trying to teach you a bit of discipline with budgets. Sorry to say this but they’re right. Even if it’s your money, you don’t want to go spending it all the time.

(Infinite Chaos) #16

Ditto. If it’s YOUR money, you can do whatever YOU want with it. My parents motto since i learned what money was lol.



Can you call my wife and tell her that? lol

(Infinite Chaos) #19

lmao. ::slight_smile:


well, you could try and tell her that yo-yoing is good for you in the sense of hand-eye cordination.
For the past 5 years or so I have attended a local basketball camp and one exercise was dribbling the ball down to the other end of the court and back. Before I started yoing when I did it I could not make it down the court easily. After I started yoing when I did it I was pretty good at it.
it can also help you become better at intraments.
But if you have bought a lot of metals and gone to worlds I would say that if you want one then try to trade for one if your parents will let you.
My parents don’t mind if I get new yo-yo’s as long as I pay for them with my hard-earned money.