How do you convince your parents to buy you a yoyo?

I wanted to hear how you guys convince your parents to buy you new throws

this is meant to be creative, please don’t judge on how people convince their parents

I either:

Buy them myself

Beg(last resort)

Get good grades, behave, help around the house

Wait for Christmas and my birthday


Do my chores and extras, like wash the cars,
OR Save up, then ask for some yoyos on my Bday and Christmas or Hanukkah. it helps being Jewish…It really does. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have to beg. Since my dad’s been yo-yoing way more than I have, I get his hand-me downs

Lucky Duck…

I do chores, get allowance. Buy them myself.

i’m think i’m too old too ask from them anymore so i buy them myself…

My mother is 80 years old. I can not think of anything I could say to make her buy me a yoyo. ;D

Seriously, I think it is hard to convince a non-yoyo player to spend $150 on a CLYW. So do not try. Ask for money as gifts and for extra work around the house. Then, buy your own.

Tell your parents that your are trying to get $ for a specific yoyo. They will be more likely to help out when they see work being done to achieve a tangible goal.


I don’t. I buy my own stuff…even when I started. Save up. Pick up all the pennies and quarters you see on the floor. [Check the school cafeteria and vending machines]


the whole it is better than video games argument is what I use. My parents hate video games

From my own jaundiced parent’s point of view, if you asked for one more than $50 you’d be hard pressed to get more than a curt “No.” from me. Depending on your age, I probably wouldn’t let you spend more than that of your own money for that matter.

I’m the parent now hahaha. If my baby girl asks I shall make it rain YoYos.


Once I make up my mind, that’s it.

I got my kid the Champion Editions G-Funk. He likes it. He prefers his DM2 more.

No sense spending more at the moment. He goes through my cases with regularity.

Good luck to you, sir. :wink:

Me. Adopt. Now!

I imagined the figure would have looked more like ↑. :slight_smile:


Well, considering that my sister (who i live with) has never gotten me a yoyo, other than the bag she let me get (which im not getting until Christmas), i get pretty good grades, i do whatever im told to do around the house, and i don’t get allowance, the fact that i haven’t gotten a new yoyo aside from trades in over a year isn’t surprising.
I think id get called an idiot if i asked for a yoyo just because.

i dont

I convince them by giving them a list of what I want then wait for the holidays or some special event like middle school to high school graduation, Christmas, birthday, Easter you know what I mean. Then its just a waiting game, but if I’m lucky just because I’m being good or nice Aka just because…
But other ways I get yoyos is through cousins and grandparents when there is a Jewish holiday! ( I’m Christian and Jewish so double the presents! ) and my last resort is saving my money up and buying it myself!

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