How do you convince your parents to buy you a yoyo?

I just write a Christmas list or ask for one for my birthday. It’s generally 3-4 throws for Christmas and 1 for my birthday. I don’t get an allowance from my parents, but my grandmother gives me $5 every week. It doesn’t really add up very fast though because I need to buy other things beside yoyos. My parents don’t even give me anything for good grades because they expect that from a gifted student.


Oh, that slaps me on the knee!

You should invest you’re money for retirement. thats whuts up

I don’t.

Hmmm, you know me too well. :wink:

I save up, babysit kids. Well…I am a kid, but I can get a nice deal for baby sitting my sister or her friend.

Same I get a nice salary from it so far I got around $200 from babysitting!

If you get that much money, why is actually buying the yoyos yourself a last resort?

because my siblings have “tax payer” Aka i get Money from what you do because I’m lazy! (my parents make me give them money or else I get sent to my room even though it’s the money I make!)

Wait, people give yoyos to their kids? That’s a new one.

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I hAvent seen you post in a while…

I hear ya

OK, my wise-guy answer, trying to force the thread back onto topic after a theological derailing that’s still causing casualties:

My father’s dead. Kinda hard to make requests at that point.

Big falling out on my family, so I have no contact with my mother.(Don’t even get me started, I don’t feel like getting sued by people’s whose brains explode out the back of their heads)

I’m 40(almost 41). I can buy my own yoyos.

And here I thought you were 42…Silly usernames…But as for me, like I said, I only asked my Uncle, cause He asked me what I wanted for Christmas/Hanukkah. I really haven’t asked my mom for a yoyo in a year and a half, other than on Christmas season. I usually save my money to buy my own.

Okay so how do I get yoyos uh mostly I save up for it myself (I got the cash but I don’t like spending it alot :stuck_out_tongue: )

Scream, cry, stomp my feet and pout until I get my own way.

Ask my wife, it works every time. :slight_smile:

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