New Yo-Yos

Ok, i have been wondering this for a while and so many others have but— How do you get yoyos online?— Not if you have your own credit card but how do you convinse your parents to let you… soo… i have the money… soo… any ideas… kinda wierd question but please respond!


the easiest way would be to give the money to your parents and tell them to order what you want. the next easiest way would be to get them to get you a prepaid visa or mastercard. you can get them at wal-mart and that way they could load the money on it for you and you would have yourself a credit card for internet orders. i think they charge a load fee of like five bucks and you have to load at least 25 dollars at a time on them. gotta do what you gotta do. best of luck.

Yea, I use those prepaid cards or head to the post office and do money order.

Well if you are asking about how to get your parents to buy the yoyo for you, and then you pay them back later, the easiest way to do that is to send subtle emails to the most gullible parent, and eventually they will give in. (at least in my experience)

I don’t generally buy off of the internet that much though… because I live near a yoyo store.

i beg

Thats not fair! :frowning: Haha, I wish I lived near a YoYo Store.