I want more yoyos

I have very little money and I only have 1 yoyo and I want more nice yoyos. I kind of get sick of using the same throw over and over so I like changing it up but I want to do it within my collection so I don’t have to trade my Wasabi. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well you could trade the Wasabi for two throws?

First find a way to increase how much money you have. If you are old enough get a job, or if not odd jobs. When I was young I cut grass and other work for neighbors.

Once you have found a way to increase your funds look at what it is you really are interested in for your next throw. Go to the buy/sell area and watch closely at what is available. If there is one specific throw you want put a want to buy post in the section and see what responses you get. Take your time and the money you have to invest will match the cost of a good buy. Enjoy your purchase and start working on the rest.

I would but I like my Wasabi too much

lol i just yoyo on a high pedestrian traffic area with a hat. one time i yoyoed with a guy playing the sax for money and i gave him the money i earned. i fealt warm and tingly after that.

That works, I would also recommend yoyoing in shopping malls.
A few hours work could buy you a new throw. ;D

It could also get you a nice jail cell for a few hours, if the shopping mall has a no solicitating policy.