Almost 4 months of yoyo'ing. Bag almost filled up.

Summit, Next Level, Code 1, Shipwreck, Gradient, Supernova, Nifty, 14’ Benchmark W, Shutter

Sweet collection. That nifty looks nifty! (pun intended…)

i wish i had that after four months of yoyoing…

Dude there are teenie boppers on this forum who buys one yoyo that cost almost as much as my collection. It’s crazy!

I know, it’s like where do they get all their money?! Hustlin’?

Jobs? The throws I have are a result of working and strategically buying and selling throws.

Haven’t you seen N64’s post? he’s 13 and he bought a Oxy Hyperion!

i havent been able to get much money…

Well that’s crazy. He had to have had some help there. Just be smart, buy things at a reasonable price. If you were will to pay the amount, odds are someone else will too. Sometimes you get lucky.

At 13? I doubt it. Maybe, but seriously.

I’m a little older. I’ve had about 40 throws total, but only 10 now.

Dude, I thought you were like, 50 lol You’re collection at your age is insane. Anyway, I mostly buy cheap stuff and spruce them up. That’s how I build up my collection. Teens also have the advantage of being able to blow all of their allowance on throws. I prefer to save up.

lolol same

Your work is amazing! I always look for peoples specific wants. For the reason that if its something they really want, they’ll probably pay more. Also understand you can’t completely lowball people. If you can make $20-$40 on 10 throws over the course of a month, there’s $200-$400 right there. Not ripping people off, or even posting it in a BST thread.

I don’t get an allowance, that’s why I find this useful, because as well as making money, you’re also making friends. If you find somebody’s want, odds are they’ll offer to keep their eye out for something for you. It’s networking. However, I’m not big on trading.

Sorry for the double post.

That bag looks great, Dave. If you ever want to trade for the Shipwreck, tell me.