Why do YOU trade yoyo's?



am curious why some of you trade from your quiver of yoyo’s; some have lot’s of trades other’e none.

for myself I just like to keep them all; the kids kids can have them later if they want, they trickle down to other family and friends.





I trade just for the fun, and to experiment with other types of styles and playing of yoyos.


I’m very easily bored with what I have


Honestly it’s cause there are some yo-yos I just don’t like and some people love. That and I am planning on pitting up another BST once I have some yoyos that aren’t under $50 by now.


I see it like this… If I spend $120 on a metal and never trade, ive spent $120 to play with one yoyo. If i trade, I can only spend $120 but play 5 or 10 metals through many trades. I only trade in real life, however.


I’d rather just buy and sell than trade in all honesty. Works out a lot easier, plus I want to grow my collection as much as possible.


Really to save money.


Who says I trade anything?!?!

I trade yoyos for lots of reason.
-I like bartering
-You can get really good deals
-I like hunting down very specific yoyos
-Many yoyos can only be acquired through the BST
-I like supporting the economy via the USPS (HA!)
-What else am I supposed to do, USE my toys?
-It’s fun


The ability to try new stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(UmeNagisa) #10

as well as get rid of what you don’t need/like/want anymore!
Win win situations, usually :smiley:


am new again to yoyoing what is BST?

thanks for your time…





Because I can not buy new or used yoyos. So I use what I have to try new things.

Of course, I have spent over $250 in shipping but…


I couldn’t have said it better myself. :slight_smile: But, I enjoy reading the reasons why other people like to do it. It never appealed to me at all, so I’m curious.


I trade and sell because I don’t like having stuff sitting around that I don’t use. I refuse to have expensive paperweights.


But, but I love expencive paperweights…


I had/have lots of yoyos I don’t use and see and want to use a lot of yoyos I don’t have. So I trade.


This. I always have too many yoyos and I never mind trying something new.


I’ve had a few I just didn’t care for. They got sold or traded. The rest I keep for a lot of different reasons. Some have a special meaning, such as gifts from friends. Others are a bit historic so to speak.


I agree. And these things are way better than pet rocks too. :smiley:

The reason Links’ listed, about the BST being the only way to acquire certain throws, is the only reason I browse the BST these days. But, it’s never a trade, always a buy/sell situation. I almost offered a few throws for Links’s Peak, to get my feet wet on a trade. Then, I thought of me trading and… :smiley: I snapped out of it. :stuck_out_tongue: