Ever get to that point when you just don't want to trade or sell any yoyos?

So have you guys ever gotten to that point, where you feel like you have all the yoyos you want? Just pretty much got there. There are still a few I would buy, but I just won’t really trade any yoyos right now. The YWET I’m planning on taking off the BST and getting it coated ;D

Lol no.

Not yet, anyways. There’s always a yoyo I want to try, and always a couple that I have and want to get rid of.

I’m to the point where I have almost nothing to sell/trade and only keepers! :slight_smile:

And yes, I am running out of yoyo’s that I actually want, thank god

I’ve recently hit that point. I’ve bst’ed quite a bit for the first 2 months of this year when I actually started using the BST. There’s a couple of yoyo I’d like to get rid off, but the other 16 or so, I am more than happy with.

I have never keep a yo yo for my than 3 months. Because if i like it why not share the love with other people. The only yo yo i will keep is my peak because i love it and its never leaving me. But my goal is not own every yo yo, but i would like to own it for a short period of time to get use to it and enjoy it the fullest. To me have a big collection is no good, since your hogging all the yo yo for yourself, and your not letting anyone else have a change to own it. Ask yourself is it really necessary for you to own a 50 plus collection? just ask your self

Yes, one day when they stop making yoyos ;D

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I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to trade anything in my case but you know. You get more throws, throw em, realize you dont like em, trade em. Wash Rinse Repeat.

Sushi it is totally worth it

The only ones I will not get rid of are the ones with sentimental value!

same here

I haven’t gotten rid of ANY yoyos yet except a Classic to my wife and a PGM to some kid who seemed keen on yoyos (to be honest, I hated the PGM and I might have been doing him a disservice!).

Every other yoyo has some sort of sentimental value or reason to keep around.


YEP!! I’m all done trading. I have all the yoyos I like.
Plus, very few people actually trade on the BST anymore. It’s just buying and selling, which is… BS.

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you get a thank you for that very well though out pun, talk about hilarious.

I get sick of seeing nothing but BS on the BST.

I was opposed to trades initially, but recently I did one… and it opened me up to the idea. I actually think it’s really cool to trade yoyo for yoyo. Something special about it, brings me back to being 6 years old and trading Michael Jordan basketball cards… for… Michael Jordan basketball cards. Or trading POGS!!! Or trading Pokemon cards. That one trade brought back a plethora of great feels, hoping to do some more trades down the road…

but it’s quite hard when you literally don’t have any yoyo’s you want to get rid of, and don’t have any yoyo’s you want to buy. Quite a paradox.

What do I do?

…Ever since I started yoyoing. I don’t like parting away from any possession I have.

For me, it seems to go in phases. A few months ago, I would have said that I was going to hold onto this yoyo, or that yoyo forever. Lately, however, I have started to reduce to the “perfect few”. I noticed that even though I thought I wanted them all, many of them sat unused for long periods of time. Having fabulous throws that sit in a case is something I view as a waste. So many that I thought would be handed down to my kids have found themselves on the BST where I am sure they will be more appreciated by their new owners. I view this a natural process that will probably continue. Just as there is always a new trick to learn; there will always be a new yoyo to buy.

For me, I bst’ed hard the first year. Now it’s something I do very casually. I’ve collected quite a few dupes of my faves, and with new models coming out I’m considering to let some go to make room in my box.