How do you choose?

(Q) #1

Hey guys, this is a little thought provoking question.

How do you choose what stays in your collection and what doesn’t?

I like to trade my yoyos around and get new ones. But how do you guys choose which ones stay and which ones go?

(BaileyT) #2

Its kind of a random thing for me, if it feels good to trade it, I will. A yoyo that I would not trade one day, I’d trade the next. It just depends :stuck_out_tongue:

(M²) #3

Simple, everything stays… except for the HWW… i need to get rid of that somehow…

(Hardcore_Max) #4

I try an throw all my yoyo’s on a regular occasion to see which ones I like more than others and the ones that I don’t like anymore I put up for sale or trade.


Whenever I’m in dire need of cash I sell em. There are a few that will never leave me though. My KC DERT and my Muffin Top DERT.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

Ill trade anything but my General yos or Rec Revs.


If it doesn’t get much play (i.e. less than once a week) then I try to get rid of it.

(_|@<06) #8

If i dont use it very often, i trade it. But if it has sentimental value (I.E. First Hitman) it stays. No matter what.

I had a guy offer me his whole case of yoyos for my Sebby Peak at MWR…still said no haha

(Q) #9

I remember that!
I know that guy!